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  • My recommendation ... stop with all the name changes. Saw there was a new moderator didn't know who you were. Luckily, Lostelle was still in your name change history but you changed your name four times after and if I wasn't quick enough I definitely wouldn't have known who you were lol. Most people know hashtag and Spherical Ice because they haven't changed their name. Christos has and even he isn't as remembered because of it. IDK just a recommendation that you should identify yourself as what people know you as. I'm Le pug and I can't change it to Bob or Pizza Boy or something different because then no one will really know who I am and it also forces them to have to figure it out and get used to you being something new ... IDK maybe I'm just for keeping usernames like you would your name unless you had a horrible username to begin with and you wanted to simplify it. /Shrug. Congrats by the way
    you need to think of a username becaUSE COLOURS IS SICK AND TIRED OF YOUR SHIT
    Hi! I was condensing one of the Community Hack battle backgrounds into a tileset (the cave one) when I noticed an alignment issue. The entire image contains two extra pixels at the top, which, when condensed into a tileset, would make the image not divisible by eight and would lead to improper platform alignment. All you have to do is get rid of the two extra pixels in at the top of the image to fix this issue. :P Just wanted to let you know (even though you all probably would've found out at some point)
    nh i know what you mean! i'm the same way. black veil brides, i have all their albums as well except for their newest album. their style changed a lot too as well so i just couldn't get into their newest album. andy's voice sure is still hot tho /.\
    For a second, when I see "This post is deleted by colors.", I immediately thought of colours, the other moderator.

    Thank you for taking your time to take notice of all those reports.
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