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Fact Checking Gardevoir
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  • Interesting!! I'm reviving my activity on Pokécommunity, meanwhile I love reading novels, playing games and collecting rocks xD

    Fact checking, cool! How do you do that
    Woah that's interesting!! I really need to play Reborn. Excited for that.

    Such a cool idea to get a name from there ✨

    My name...i initially named myself Sidtheriser07, after my favourite sports team, Sunrisers.
    Eventually I changed it to Soaring Sid to reflect my efforts to try and become a better person
    Ahhh I see! You just had such a well thought out response I wasn't sure if this was like some planned out dream of yours or a hobby but I see now. Now you're slightly less cool than I initially thought :D
    Practice helps a lot with baking! I'm also not that good at it, but occasionally I'll get the urge to bake something and it's getting better over time ^^ don't lose hope!
    I don't always get around to it, by I try to stop by Meet & Greet whenever I can =3
    Oh no worries! I've been doing it on and off for years, it's fun and feels good when the newbies respond and seem like they find their way better because we welcomed them well c:

    Thank you for being such a nice presence there too! Happy new years <3
    Glad to see I spread a little teenie weenie bit of joy at least (: *hugs back*
    I hope that migraine of yours leaves soon, hoping you get better ): You're so cheerful and happy-go-lucky that it feels so out of place and odd to see you having a hard time.

    I'm bummed to hear about the cartridge as well. I'd be pretty disappointed if a gift I received also didn't work as intended ):

    But uh, yeah. Hopefully I didn't inconvenience you or poked my head where it didn't belong. Just wanted to wish you a good rest of the holiday and hopefully things look up.
    Oh wow that must have been a cool experience at the time. I assume you're a 90s kid like me then ahah
    Haha yes, I feel the same. Yellow and Ruby were the first games I owned but my best friend lended me Gold and I loved it so much.

    I recommend Platinum :) it's a refined version of D/P and for that day and age, the route design and the story felt surprisingly good. Might overall be my fav version.
    hi it been a while. i made a thread, and hopefully i put it under the right board (or if it allowed in general)
    hii, i saw you say that Red and Gold are some of your favorite pokémon game versions? That's interesting, I don't hear many saying that their favs are the oldschool games :3 Surprised to hear you haven't tried HeartGold though O: have you played some other 4th gen game?
    I didn't wanna clog up the thread for interviews buuut

    I am interested in doing one sometime/someday. It doesn't have to be right away cause know holidays and all are coming up. lol
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