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  • Your profile colours are very interesting, i like it ;)
    I am random, i know but oh well. I like to make new friends and that is what i am doing, eh? ;P
    I am Fire Heart as you can tell, but you can call me Meggie if you like :D
    xD Accepted! :D I love making new friends on PC. :3

    Also, thanks. ^o^ I'm doing pretty well I guess, although I have to go update scores now, so I'll see where is stand.
    It could be even prettier, but I'm too lazy to change back to the amazing theme made for me earlier -:-

    thanks though! <3 wish I could say the same about yours jkjk it looks like strawberry ice cream, which I totally like so!

    also what is that "clyw" thingie that keeps following you around? Is it a way to spell the name clyve or something?
    I sent out Umbreon #1. This one knows Screech, payback, Moonlight, and Confuse Ray. I chose payback because all kingdra does is attacks. Kingdra used surf and got Umbreon with a critical hit. I'm just glad Umbreon has enough sp.def to survive even with the EV's used in def, atk, and HP. Payback was an overkill. The Rain is still active so even if I used moonlight next turn, I'd only get back half of half, which is 25% if I added that right. He sends out Bronzong. I'm faster than that old bell, so I use Confuse Ray. Hoping it would hurt himself, I was left again with questionmarks as Bronzong used Stealth Rock... .. .? I followed Confuse Ray with Screech, so that extra damage will be dealt when Bronzong hurts himself with confusion, and I'll recover next turn with Moonlight when the rain stops...but Bronzong didn't hurt himself in his confusion, he instead used EXPLOSION and killed us both. Fine, whatev's. I sent out Houndoom. I know the rest of his team are steel types besides Crobat and Togekiss and Houndoom is prepared to handle them. Well, he sends out Heatran, the LAST steel type I wanted him to bring out because he's immune to fire due to flash fire. I opt to Nasty Plot anyway, raising my sp.atk and going for more damage...But Heatran's faster and one-shots Houndoom with Earth Power. I was later told that was a max sp.atk Heatran with a choice scarf item: Fire Blast, Earth Power, Flash Cannon, and Dragon Pulse. Stupid powerful...long story short, I lost the battle. But I haven't lost the war. Dark types feed on vengence. They remember every attack they were hit with and use that hatred and bitterness to strengthen their attack. This is NOT over....hoohaahhaahahhahhhahaaaa!
    I recorded my battle, it went a little like this: (Turn 1) Foe Crobat (enemy) Sneasel (me). Crobat uses Taunt....I'm using screech, but it was a wasted turn because of the taunt. Next turn I use Ice Shard, but it doesn't even come close to ko'ing crobat. Crobat responds with rain dance. (I'm like ? ? ?????? Raindance?) I use ice shard again, but came about 2 hp short of a ko, and get hit with a U-turn that brings me down to a little more than 1/3 HP. Next turn he brings in Kingdra. "Oh, a dragon" i thought to myself. I have Iceshard, but kingdra is part water, so that only tickled it. The surf I received next turn ko'ed me. I cussed...then sent out Murkrow. Sucker Punch hit first and scored a critical hit (curtesy of Super Luck and scope Lens) but came again with like an inch of HP from KO. Kingdra fought back with Ice Beam and brought me from full health to an instant KO. I don't believe this, I said, as I was then forced to choose between my two Umbreon, My Houndoom, and my Tyranitar.
    I found my avatar over the internet. I went to yahoo, typed in scraggy for the image search. I clicked save as to "my computer" and opened the file.

    Tonight I'll lead with Sneasel, then follow with Murkrow, Houndoom, Umbreon x2, and Tyranitar. This will be my Johto Sweepers: Dark Takeover. <lol my imagination>.
    I had a friend once who told me he only uses legendaries because they're better, and that all other pokemon suck. Well, I took on his team of Mew, Mewtwo. Celebi, Lugia, Deoxys, and Dialga and beat them all with two pokemon to spare. Almost everyone of my combos worked well, mainly sucker punch since all he used were attack moves. Needless to say Dialga and Mewtwo gave me the most problems <Aura Sphere> Thankfully my Spiritomb was in. Luck was on my side with confuse Ray.
    Me too. Umbreon is very under-appreciated, largely overlooked by his twin, Espeon. Dark types are my favorite because of the moves they have access to: Night Slash often crits, Sucker Punch hits first, and Pursuit tags the pokemon as it's trying to escape. Taunt stops the target from setting up swords dance, ect, the list goes on...
    No problem. :)

    If you need anything else, don't be afraid to ask. :B
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