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  • Oh thats awesome! That sounds like a nice schedule! I'm happy for him!
    Aww poor kyo ;-;

    Yeah I work at a tourist location so people want to come visit. I signed up for this, so I'm not really that upset :p
    Whoa!! That sounds scary! I'm glad you're both okay. Traffic is the woooorst!!

    New Years Day? I worked :P But I got double pay so not too bad!! Wow everyone's getting sick worldwide huh?? I hope he gets better!
    I wish I could say it's good, but I'm sick!! :( Coughing and sneezing all day. But I got to talk a lot with friends and play super mystery dungeon <3

    What about you??
    Oh wow, I never knew about that! Sounds very nice :)

    I'll probably just spend my weekend relaxing and stuff...hope I can get some blessings too this year though ^^;
    Yes, for sure!! Enjoy time with your family and all that <3

    (and hope you spend another year on PC c: )
    Yeah >< I don't really talk to them much so I want to visit them some time. My grandparents in China don't really know much English and I'm bad at Chinese so there's a language barrier. I can email my grandfather sometimes though!

    Ooh I see :o. Whereabouts in Japan were you again, was it Tokyo?

    Happy new year!!!!!
    It's a nice place. It's a kinda out of the way little town, but I think it's connected to the main shinkansen line now.

    Also, it's finally the New Year over here! Happy 2016!!
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