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  • Oh gosh, what a close call x.x Glad you guys are alright D:

    And yea! I was actually there when I was an exchange student! I was in Kanazawa for school, but I got to spend a weekend in Tokyo. It was such a fun place! I'd really love to be able to go back there again one day! Preferably with some money to buy stuff this time ~_~
    Oh geez, that sounds like such a hassle x_x It's so hard to follow someone when there's busy traffic so I can see how that happened haha

    Glad to hear things are good though n_n I'm doing pretty well too, all this time off from work is really just what I needed so I'm making the most of it~ So do you guys have any fun plans for while you're at your grandparents'? ^_^
    My grandparents on my mother's side live in China and my grandfather on my dad's side is from New Zealand but he's been travelling quite a lot recently, around India and Cambodia and places like that I think. Are your relatives all in Japan? :o
    ooh I see~ sounds like you had a great Christmas though :3
    Your favorite Pokémon pairing. Ever generation three you loved the pairing so much. Anyway yes I was also getting a little tired of mine so I changed it. You were able to install it to your computer finally? You decide on that lol. I can't choose for you.
    that's nice to hear! I want to see my grandparents some time soon, hopefully I can but they're all overseas. Those presents sound nice c:. What was the merchandise like?
    What is this question you want to ask me? You've been mentioning it in your PMs so I'm very curious now.
    But I'm still super excited about my action figure~! I just hope this won't lead me into buying 20, I don't have the room DX
    XD I don't have much merchandise; my budget is restricted and I'd rather have games or things I can actually use, but I did buy an action figure featuring one of my recent favorite characters~ I can't wait to get it. Doesn't help that I live in a small apartment and I don't have the space to have a ton of merch. I stick to band t-shirts XD;;.
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