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  • I can't do Tuesday, but any other day/time is fine. Maybe Monday at 4:00 PM (GMT -4), or a different time that you'd prefer?
    okie cool, I'll be out of the house from 2-5PM or so but will be sure to poke you when home!
    looks like we're paired for the color random tournament! lemme know when you have time ~
    Lol I'm not too worried about the workload but heheh if i have to read another greek tragedy I'll scream

    Oh what type of job? Congrrats! And oooo maybe I'll actually play them now if they're more difficult :3

    Lol I actually considered a dual doctorate but we'll see!
    Lol very worrying cause it doesn't stop kek

    Omg its so enjoyable so far~ Except the work there's a lot but I like the people so far

    OOOOOOOOOO congrats! Hows the job search going? (4 Months later lol) I havent played any of the Ultras yet have you tried them yet?

    busy busy, lots of work and i have to pick a major soon but im leaning toward a doctorate in english but then again 72 credits is forever so who knows? haha
    Yo, we need to fight for PCL. I'll be on the server for the next 10 or so hours.
    Omg I am so sorry for responding so late! (it's like been half a year holy crap...)

    Also lol since then I've graduated haha but college now so fun fun

    How's life been? (I make no promises I'll answer within 6 months)
    Sorry, relatives came over unexpectedly. I should be on all evening tomorrow though, and if I'm not I'm playing Fire Emblem
    I'm going to assume you mean CDT aka GMT-5 (still on Daylight Savings for a little longer :P), and say that works.
    Would 4:00 PM your time be better? I can battle as early as ~3:00 PM your time, so any time after that works for me.
    When do you wanna battle for PCL? Any day and time should be fine, but I can't do afternoons on weekdays.
    when do you want to battle for the signup tour? I can battle today, Monday or Tuesday.
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