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  • So, we need to do a battle for the Summer Festival thing. When would be good for you. Almost anytime today and Friday-Sunday should be ok for me.
    How does 9 PM tomorrow work for you? I have to work from 11-8 so I won't be on until late....

    Otherwise I could do any time after 7 PM on Tuesday and Wednesday. Or any time on Thursday.
    Hey what times are good for our tournament battle?
    Anytime after 7PM BST on weekdays, otherwise I can do this evening or tomorrow morning/afternoon?
    This is what I get for going AFK for like a week.

    Anyway, I can battle basically any time over the next few days. I'll have a few dead times which have yet to be determined (besides the obvious I need to sleep thing), so I'll get back to you on that. Name your time and I'll try my best to be there, or we could just do now if you're on or whatever. I'm really not picky.
    GMT +10. You can find me on the server every night barring Monday / Thursday and all weekend
    Haha i get that! Still unsure of the new people tbh but as long as there are some old ones I feel good ^-^

    Ohhhhh so close I can almost feel it! I've basically been ready to ship for like 3 weeks lol

    Lol I get that. What are you watching now? Haha yeah! I actually got exempt from a lot of school work so I have no regrets :p
    lol and mine seems to just be starting haha! Well not really as soon as school lets out in June I'm home free! I think lol

    Yeah I couldnt haha guess we'll just have to wait~

    Omg Rick and Morty is just wow so amazing so so so amazing haha. Thank god I didn't start it before now cause I don't think I could wait so long for Season 3. And yeah being sick has sucked but like the lack of work I'm doing and the amount of shows I've been watching has been totally worth it xD
    yeah but youre like *answers within a day
    and then im here like *answers within 20 days* lol

    true! i only got a few in cause i cant find anywhere to watch it haha

    lol i hear that. I've been sick for like 2 weeks and all I've been doing is binging tv series. Like i watched all of Rick and Morty and Miraculous in like 2 days haha
    haha your here more :p

    funnnn evernthough that was like a month ago lol

    thats admirable tho haha Ive binged hard but ive never binged that hard :o
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