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  • Doing well. And thanks! I was in love with that render, and it would have been a crime for it to not have screen time lol.
    Hi, I just added you as a friend on my account and I'm ready whenever you are. I'll have my system on throughout today.

    My FC is 3669-0558-1387 and my iGN will be Kaci.
    Better late than never, right :D? Oh man, I think it's awesome you've completed so many games so far! I was never good as a mage, so I give you mad props :) Yeah, I never got that far, but it's one of those games I'd love to dedicate more time to one of these days. work has gotten so busy, I'm lucky if I can finish a game anymore.

    Ahhh that's so cool! I'm glad you like art as well. If you ever want to show off what you sew, I'd love to see it in the mall <3 Have you done much traditional painting?

    Love the new name, btw!
    Awww, hi! I've seen you around quite a bit and have meant to drop by and say hi as well :) haha, yes <3 Skyrim was my first PS3 game (and the PS3 was my first real console since the nintendo 64, I usually just stuck to the ds/3ds) so it'll always have a special place in my heart. It was just so well done! I started playing oblivion too, but didn't quite as far in that. do you have other interests? :)

    thank you! I hope you do as well !
    Hiya!! yeah, I post everywhere, haha. xD;

    But thank you so much!! Yeah, I'm a huuuge imaginative person so my profile and avatar/sig theme really convey that :x

    also ty so much!! We should talk some more and stuff :>
    Hmm. I just have an AMD 7850-K and 8GB of ram, nothing too crazy. But works pretty well. I can run games on minmum :P

    My screen isn't too good so I don't need anything else tbh.
    Mine isn't too amazing. But I didn't needed too much, the game didn't lagged and that's all I wanted haha.
    Yup, if everything goes right! I would have more guitars. And lots of money for other things :P

    It's a great game, the story mode is pretty fun and well polished. The map is just amazing and it's really easy to get lost exploring and ignore the story and side missions for some time. I would recommend it, the online is fun but only with friends, I didn't played in months so I don't know if it got any better, but it's alright. I feel like it could be better, but again, nothing that a good group of friends can't fix. I wish that the music stations were a bit better, but you can always get your own music in the game, haha. It's really easy luckly!

    Good! then this isn't a problem, I wouldn't bother with it :)
    Aah doooooo iiittt!! I would love to have grandparents into music, my dad used to play guitar and bass but he sold all of his gear a long time ago, so we have nothing down here. WEll, I have plans on changing that :P

    Ohh I see! I never really finished Skyrim, I just didn't got into it, didn't helped that I got GTA V at the same time and I was lost in that game, played it the whole summer haha. But challenges are fun! as long as they aren't unfair, if you ask me. I hope you have fun with it!

    Lmao so, it's a mistery. Did you enjoyed the chocolate though? if so, I think there's nothing to worry about. If you didn't though...
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