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  • php is a fractal of bad design.

    ok but in layman's terms, it's the shitty part about developing for PC. NObody wants to do it, everyone thinks html/css/javascript is infinitely better and they are completely right
    thats cool, i saw recently they made daily show staff/moderoids/devlopers bold too

    as much as i would like to volunteer my kind services to the great cause, i cannot stomach php and i have the most eerie suspicion that's what they're in need of. i worked on a php site once and nevER AGAIN
    save it while you can, I will miss you my bruddah
    on a serious note though i accidently got drunk a while back and I still taste the death in my boddy
    how am i supposed to maintain this friendship if you don't react within 3 minutes of me hitting you up
    not much. just same shit, different days. I'm supposed to be in line for a promotion but the manager above my manager knows I'm a piece of shit and won't talk to me
    its great. ive just been too busy to do anything with it for the past week or so
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