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    Excuse the nerdiness but I couldn't not show you this.

    (I did know, but being on a Pokémon forum for this long makes that inevitable! xD)
    Yeah, it definitely has caused a stigma, and adding on to that, all of society has this preconceived notion that all gay guys are feminine and creepy, etc. It's seriously annoying. And I hope I didn't come down like I was discriminating gays who acted like that! After all, we all fit under one category and that'd mean I would hate myself, too. :p But, nah, I was just trying to make an example that gays who decide to act like that (very flamboyant) are the ones who end up giving us a bad reputation, I guess. I hope that makes sense. I mean, regardless, society will always have that defect of thinking that all gays are the same no matter what. But, yes, the entire controversy surrounding our "behavior" is one that will never end. We just can't change society's way of thinking. :\ Anyways, I'm currently in my third semester at a state college, and I'm a chemistry major. :] I love the sciences and I think it's the right fit for me, tbh. This semester I'm taking Precalculus, General Chemistry I, and some introduction to computers class. I'm only taking 12 units, but during the fall semester, I did 16 (I had no life) @_@, so this semester I decided to cool it down a bit. ;D How about you?

    Yes! I think we both understand the level of ridiculousness represented by that video. No need to play it again. ;)

    I don't discuss music with anyone, tbh. People are so rash to define a person based on the music they like, and it also sparks annoyances like the one you experienced with people just making snobby and ignorant comments. The Internet also doesn't help, like you said. I still don't understand why someone would listen to the music of an artist they don't even like, and on top of that, post a mindless comment against the song/artist. It's really irritating. I don't judge people on the music they listen to even if I don't like the artist or not. Everyone has their different tastes and that's completely acceptable. Music is meant to be enjoyed, not insulted/criticized. I could go on forever, but I think I made my point xD Lol.

    I've heard a few of her songs, and they're not that bad. I can see where that "hint of pop" comes in. I might start listening to her more. I've never heard of the Nekci Menij Show, and I clicked on the video but it said that it didn't exist anymore. :3 Not sure if it's just my computer, though.

    I think all languages are pretty much the same in difficulty to learn. As with anything, it requires effort and persistence. You're probably not gonna get it right away, and if you give up, then you're never gonna learn it. And I agree with you that you must obviously learn the basics first before advancing into the more intricate part of the language. French is fricken beautiful, and it really is one of those seductive languages, if that makes sense. ;) & yeah, we have to take two years of foreign language in high school if we want to graduate. I decided to take two years of Spanish because I, myself, come from a Spanish family and already know the language well. I want to learn a third language, though, but I didn't want the challenge in high school, I guess. xD I could potentially take French for beginners in college, but I'd have to see how that would balance with the rest of the classes I need to take.

    It's funny about The Wanted because I know a few of them have beef with members of 1D, especially Zayn. I saw them Twitter battle it out a month or so ago, and it was pretty funny to watch. One of the guys from The Wanted made fun of Zayn because of his blonde streak and also posted some picture of him that they apparently found funny on their Twitter account? I don't know how it started honestly. To tell you the truth, I think TW are jealous of 1D's fame because it's obviously something they probably will never be able to achieve. Also, 1D are so much sexier than the members of TW. Seriously, who the hell makes fun of Zayn's blonde streak. It's sexy as hellllll. He's sexy as hell, lol.

    I hear those stupid drunk stories all the time, and people actually think that bragging is going to make them seem cooler or something. They need to realize that no one frankly cares about what stupid things they did while drunk. Why would anyone be proud about getting wasted to the point where they couldn't even think, anyways? It's something I'll never understand.

    Oh, yes! The more north in the Atlantic you go (reaching the UK area to the east and Canada to the west), the more colder the waters get. They call that area the "hurricane graveyard" because the waters are too cold for the hurricane to even think about restrengthening. Instead, at that latitude, it loses a lot of strength and eventually dies out (becoming extra tropical, I believe). You'd be surprised that many people who live within the "inland" U.S. don't know much about hurricanes, but who can blame them? I don't know much about snow storms or tornadoes or anything of that nature because we don't usually get those events occurring down here in Florida. I'm glad you've researched into hurricanes more! They're seriously super interesting - I was considering majoring in meteorology but the job market isn't that great for those who have a degree in that field. :\

    Thanks for introducing me to that song! Although I couldn't understand the lyrics, I loved the beats and the video was actually pretty cool to watch. :p <3 Too bad I couldn't understand the lyrics, lol. Damn language barrier!

    Holy crap! I wrote like two essays! I'm so sorry, and thanks for being so sweet about reading these damn long responses. lmao <3

    P.S. I just saw this on my FB timeline and thought it was super, duper, duper cute. xD
    Ahh okay, now that's believable. :D How much?

    HELL YEAH KNEW YOU COULD DO IT. ♥ Were any of the answers names of famous pop artists??
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