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  • Oops sorry for the awful reply time >.< Receiving no notifications was actually hard to deal with haha.

    Yeah Pokemon Origins was pretty cool. I actually liked it quite a bit. I think what it did well was that there wasn't like an excess of filler taking up the majority of the show. I don't know if I want a lot of people from the games coming into the anime, but a few is fine. I mean I enjoyed seeing Lyra and Barry in DP and Iris from BW, but I think some people should just be left alone.

    I haven't seen One Punch Man. I'm actually watching SAO II right now. It's pretty funny.
    I totally agree. I think they just need to give up Ash and refocus on another person to take the spotlight. Hopefully someone with more emotion and intellect. Also do you mean 1-3 seasons?

    Oh good! I've never read it, but since it always seems like you hate a lot of anime, it's nice to see you liking something.
    Yeah Pokemon's pretty close to the 1,000 episode mark. It's actually quite crazy. I could never create all those stories for each episode.

    Why? Do you just feel empty inside or something? I've just finished Kantai Collection actually lol. It was actually pretty good.
    Lol there are people that totally ship AshxSerena (Amourshipping). I don't know how I'd react to that, but I'd kinda like it. Other than Misty, who I hated, Serena's the only girl who likes Ash and with their background I think it'd be really nice to end it that way. Oh and sorry to be "that guy", but "SUPER OUTRAGEOUS" is improper grammar in this context. Perhaps "REALLY MAD" would be a better substitute.
    Ok if there's a war (which I highly doubt since Pokemon is like PG) then I really hope they bring back everyone like Paul, Dawn, Brock, Barry, May, etc. just for one last battle. I think that'd be a great send off and I'd love to see them for one last time.
    I can't see the makers of the anime to kill Ash because, like I said, it's PG and since Ash has been around since 1998, I really can't see it happening.

    No I haven't seen One Piece. I'm not fond of the art style and I don't really want to commit myself to watching 700+ episodes right now. >.<
    HxH stopped for a long time in the past. And now it stopped again ... We can presume it will probably continue, but we will probably have to wait for years before it does, sadly. :/
    It's hard to pick a best arc. I loved the Yorkshire arc because Kurapika messed up very well with the Spider troop. But I guess I loved the Chimera Ants arc more, because it was more intense with epic fights, suspense, strategies, ... etc and when it ended it was followed by the appearance of Alluka nd Nanika, I was amased by this part too, and how Killua defied all his stupid family for the sake of his little brother as well as the sake of his best friend. HxH is simply one of the best of the best animes. It is easily one of the top 10 shonens in history imo.
    Oh wow! Maybe I should! Even though I haven't seen it, I'm excited that the new series is coming! I wonder if this is the last series for Kalos or if there'll be one more. I actually think there'll be one more but eh it's winding down so I don't know. I kinda hope that Ash and Serena become a couple and Ash's journey ends in Kalos. That'd be a nice ending for both Ash and Serena and it'd be a nice farewell.
    Hah an Oshawatt beat a Hydrigon! I never saw that battle but that sounds awesome!
    Sometime I'll watch XY, but I've kinda taken a break from Pokemon for the time being. I forgot if I asked you this or not so sorry if I'm repeating the same question but do you think Ash will be replaced in the next series after XY?
    Oh god. Seeing Ash everywhere I go would be crazy! Do you think Ash is even a good trainer?
    They better! I'll definitely use it a lot once I get a phone! I wonder if they'll make it so that the Pokemon actually move from place to place. That'd be cool!
    Ooh. I've just heard much about Pokemon GO! It is something while walking (with that kind of bracelet), you get to encounter Pokemon as seen in the phone. It is just like if Pokemon were in real life. Haha. Gonna try that out when it is finally released on 2016. I think I gonna love it haha. But if it something requires internet, better to make sure I don't catch up turning into slow speed and yeah you cannot trust internet while moving to other spots. I just saw these memes around (legendary appeared, catch, then lost connection).

    And, I actually ain't a fan of manga and same as VN games, I didn't grow up with it. Haha. I just wanna read some nowadays (I just started up last year with AoT after watching the anime and at the chapter which covers after the last episode to make me spoil-proof, gonna know before they do). It is now I've been anime-manga-genic unlike before.
    Yeah I see it being #1 for a while. I don't see many people coming into Pokemon because of Pokemon Go, but there may be a few adventurous people that will play.
    Yeah of course. Why else would we be allowed to trade? There has to be more places than that to find Pokemon. I mean that's like a little more than ~5% of the whole world.
    Haha to be honest, I can't see Nintendo sticking legendaries in such dangerous places, but I bet there'll be interesting places for Pokemon to be living in for sure.
    Haha. It maybe anyone consider Akame ga Kill a little bad. What I've told you before, it is just like the rest of your team mates are all wiped out. Bringing up much feels. Especially Tatsumi and Mine both died although I can consider them to be the main pair of the series (actually my favorite pair). And yeah, I've observed most anime aren't actually as happened back in manga.8.2 to 7.9 might not be quite bad but if it is six-point-something, nah unimagined. XD

    Ooh. Gonna try those. I've only just heard the title and the bracelet-something. I haven't heard much of it yet. Hope I'll be hearing/spoiled more. XD
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