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  • I've never made a layout before, so that'd be pretty awesome ;_; it'd be a good testing platform, though I also heard from Person Man that previewing the layout on a certain thread would be good XD;
    Thank youuu! <3 Yeah, I adore your layouts on there, they're really amazing. Really wish I had a platform to test mine out, but I can't seem to find the vbulletin version I need to sign up for ;_;
    I also need to put on a lot more effort on my graphics especially banners/tags which is one of my weaknesses. I am just hoping that laziness doesn't overcome me. xD

    What software do you use to make your graphics?
    Mizuki~! I remember you, I'm Sheep :33 Don't think we've ever talked, but now would be a good time, since I've been wanting to approach you XD;; /too shy
    Thanks gurl! <3 I saw your graphics showcase thread and jsyk, you've really done a great job with icons. It kinda gave me motivation (that I lost) to work on my graphics as well haha but seriously I am not as perfect as you're. xD;

    I was wondering because it seemed very much like you just fit into the fabric of PC like you've always been here hahaha.
    Okay I was going to try to investigate myself but I failed and I HAVE TO KNOW are you an alt or a legit new member?
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