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  • hey yeh that'd be fine!
    no worries, just let me finish this trade and get some worthelss pokemans to trad u, and i'll be on wifi :D
    LOL I got aurawave. not Yi yi beans ehehe ... eh. lol
    Google translator only does sounds, I did it by letters. (one letter at a time. it's probably not correct anyway. lol :P I don't care, it's cool though)
    hi im in northton do u play the card game if so i challenge u

    i live in northo

    i live in northapton if u play card if so

    You're welcome. Maybe you saved it as a .GIF file? It'll do that too, but on Photoshop when you select saving it as .gif, it'll pop open a box that lets you alter the settings for GIF for that file. I think you have to put on or near "maxium" (there's a slider; min on one side, max on another) to avoid the pixel-mess. I usually just save them as .png's to avoid it all together.
    xD It's alright. And thank you. The color changing was just a bit of photoshopping; I selected the mouth and body colors seperately with the magic tool wand (tolerence set to 20, I think?), then Ctrl+U to open up the hue and saturation window, and then I moved the sliders about until I had the colors I wanted. There might have been a bit of Brightness/Contrast usage too, but I really don't remember now. The sprites... well, that was just recoloring.
    *blinks* Well of course it's... *chuckles* Oh. I can certainly put in a lil' disclaimer 'bout how it was edited from official art and sprites, but obviously it isn't all mine, sir. xD I mean, the quirks and antics and color choices that make up Taunter are mine, but Haunter as a species certainly isn't....

    Heey, wait a minute, did you Edit your message after I replied? You sneaky ninja! But, yes, we Haunter lovers need to stick together.
    *rubs the back neck* I kind of didn't mean to; I didn't have a full length pic of my OC trainer, and someone suggested I do her Haunter instead. >: I'm sorry? I can change it, certainly.
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