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heyo! im rosemary, im 19, i go by any pronouns, and boy do i love pokemon. ive been a pokemon fan since i was around 9, i discovered it via different books in my elementary school library and things went up from there. i watched the anime soon after, i used to stay up at night and watch the anime on demand. my first pokemon game was pokemon omega sapphire on the 3ds.

besides pokemon, i love the aquabats! they are a ska/rock band dressed like superheroes! i don't wanna go through all the lore here but if you wanna know more just ask :D

pokemon (duh), the aquabats, drawing, coding (i am a beginner), writing, rubber ducks, animatronics, ska music, parappa the rapper/um jammer lammy, bugsnax, chuck e cheese, rockafire explosion, super mario, sonic, ace attorney, disney, kirby, squishmallows, plushies
Quick Self-Introduction
hi! im rosie! i love the aquabats, classic rock, and fairy/ghost/water type pokemon!
Any Pronouns
Favorite Pokémon
sylveon, mimikyu, raichu, piplup, quaxly, sobble
GO Team


༄*♡:。. ུ࿐ "Watch us every week on our tv show!" ༄*♡:。. ུ࿐