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Imrul Quayes Adnan
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  • No worries! We should battle on the server some time since we both seem to do a lot of nothing ;)
    Hmmmm. What kind of game are you looking for?

    One with story, one who is challenging, one with Fakemon, one with good graphics?
    Hey man!

    Im currently playing Pokemon Full Moon. Saw it coming by as a recommendation, so Im checking that out. Starter in the fangame is an Arcenine, so so far the game is good!

    Other than that, finnaly weekend! gonna clean my house a bit, and then grab a drink, get a chair and sit in my backyard in the sun.

    What are you up to latetly? any games your currently playing? or browsing throught the internet?
    Hey! Yea working a lot and such.

    I picked Chespin! Love it and Chesnaught c: don't love Quilladin much haha.
    Yup. I've beaten that game a long while ago... When it first came out.
    ..I'm pretty sure I pre ordered it. .
    What about you? did u play?
    Yes. :)
    It's really cool, I've just started.. but I'm going to re try it in inverse mode.
    Oh, hii.
    Nothing much.. I'm watching a movie, what about you?
    & I'm currently play Red Deluxe version, the Rom hack.
    I'm mostly active in the sections I mod (Roleplay Theatre, Round Table and Underground) and the Daily. I pop up a fair bit in the Treehouse and Battling & Teambuilding/Showdown too though.
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