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Imrul Quayes Adnan
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  • It's okay.
    It's really good to focus on that ~
    ...It's just to bad that we can't play.
    Oh, so you haven't tried Gen 6? I'm currently playing Gen 3 Sapphire and Gen 6 X versions!
    Hey Imrul!

    My bad for not responding the same day. I am currently busy with work, so I only have a select amount of times I can get on Pokecommunity. Welp the weather here is nice, kinda sunny, 20 degrees, not too warm, not too cold.

    Are you currently playing any games?
    Well.. I would like to do more than one battle with you.
    I like to play a lot.
    I understand, it's okay! :)
    btw Whenever I'm online it means that I'm up to play Pokemon showdown ~
    So feel free to ask me, okay? :)
    Hi. :)
    Umm, what sort of stuff are you into Imrul?
    Do you like to play pokemon Showdown?
    No problemo! I hope you will enjoy the forum! You can always PM/VM me!

    So, how is the weather at your side of the world? Sunny?
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