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  • It snowed at where you are as well?! :O In Virginia, the sky gave me one foot to shovel today. ;_; It was sooo tiring. D;

    Thanks! In return, I should give you some of the groups I've learned about. Have you ever heard of 2PM, B2ST, and BIGBANG? :3
    Yeah when I travel someday, I better know the language first. Well maybe only the common words, stuff like that.
    Did you discuss it yet?

    Hm, I'm currently looking up new South Korean groups. Would you like to recommend me a song from them?
    Oh yeah that is right, dang. You got to know the language of the country you go to. I forgot about that. Man I would have been embarrassed if I couldn't speak some German or French. I got to learn some of them first.
    Hmm, you might have a point there. You probably had to deal with delays and stuff. But it is still fun to travel to some places.

    i love you miss kimberlay <3 you're the reason i wake up smiling each morning. btw, to readers, this is kim's friend karla, and this girl is the best you'll ever have <3 CRAP YOU'RE COMING BACK FROM THE BR. HELLLLP
    Agreed. |D
    CL looks like Daesung cross-dressing in my sig though. I laughed really hard when I first noticed. xD;;

    Bom is my fave, but Minzy and Sandara are close seconds. |D
    Yeah, well, stuff happens. I'll PM you my new MSN when I get my supporter status back, since I'm like... way over PM limit for regular members.
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