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  • What a luxurious life I would have if it were in the air (or growing on trees). And yeah, schooling as for myself, well, I'm trying to maintain what it is now.
    I started online schooling. I am already in my second week, and I am already falling behind, you wouldn't believe it. The math is hard as hell, the school can't comprehend that I understand Biology, not Science, and the reading teacher wants the people taking the course to read some long ass book. I am going to send her a message saying, "Lady, I am not going to read that book. I am too busy playing Pokeymanz and talking to a 19 year old friend of mine who uses the word, "sweetie" multiple times everyday."

    But yeah, any kind of schooling sucks. And everything else in life has become boring, I literally have like no friends since the two people I use to hang out with got them and me into a heap of trouble. So, I have been living the life without people to hang out with. All cooped up in my house listening to Billy Talent and playing ROMs.
    Oh, I'm sorry. D: Do what you need to do. If money was not such an aspect in the world. Sometimes I wish we could rely on ... rocks or something.
    Ah, I'm doing fine, Jeremy. I haven't seen you around in a while. How have you been?
    I know sweeties, I'll going to be a little more active here, just gotta take care a lot of personal things.
    "Last Activity: 6 Days Ago 01:35 PM"

    whar are you, Jeremy. ;w; PC needs it's resident sweetie. XD;
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