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  • Alright! Thank you, I'll send it over PM :)
    Enjoy the movie! It looks pretty cool :3
    Yeah, these are little things that are more visual fixes. I work on that while I'm waiting for the guides thing to start off. My priority is to make a common hacks + scams guide to help new players/traders ^-^;

    But can I send you the code for the first CSS code I have? If you're not busy, maybe you can tell what I did wrong ^-^; I'll try to remove float:left for the other one! :)
    Hmm, I make every edits in Notepad++, language CSS. Then, I copy paste it and check with "preview post". I'm not the one who made that CSS and I'm only a beginer, so it's pretty hard for me to understand the code :c

    I use "float:right" on allowed and "float:left" on prohibited codes :o
    Well, maybe you're the perfect person to help me! :P
    I'm trying to edit the already existing CSS in the rules section of the TC.
    I'm having some issues with 2 different CSS. Here I'm trying to merge the "Powersaves" part into the CSS by making a 3rd section. However the code I have modified so far makes a huge empty box in between the 2nd and newly added section. I have no idea what's causing it and how to fix it ^-^;

    My other problem is here, I'm trying to make the Powersaves codes allowed/prohibited next to one another, but when I do, the section underneath clips with the text :(
    Oh awesome! I welcome all the help, I need it on many different things like CSS, where to post stuff, how I should make Guides, etc ^-^
    Thank you!
    Staff is super welcoming and nice! Everyone is so helpful, I ask loads of questions :')
    I'm afraid not, I'm only in year three (out of at least five). :/ I might be able to pop in for a bit in the summer though.
    Sometime for sure. Maybe when I'm done with college I can make some sort of fabulous come-back, haha.
    Well i forget that celebration is in off topic now xD
    I'm digging stuff in C# not so easy though. That aside well deserved promotion xD
    Congrats bae!! ^ ^

    Between C# is ****ing pain xD but really easy than C++ so super thanks for advice c:

    You became a mod now.

    I guess you can say you have climbed high enough.
    No prob! 8)

    Let us know if you need help with any of the moderation tools and have fun :)
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