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  • All the people that missed your face during the years and years and years you were gone?
    Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary!
    I know what the studio is like, haha. My mate Matt runs it still, so I check up on him. What time is your show?
    Morkula tells me you go to UWE and have a radio show... How strange that '08 to '11 I was at UWE and had a radio show for 3 years on the Hub...
    My life has changed as well. XD In some way, I am the same person... yet not, if that makes sense? lol

    Wait, hold on... I may have my privacy settings set so you might not be able to add me. Give me a sec, and I'll fix them for you. I forgot all about that!
    Also, here is my new Facebook if you want to add me though. :3 I mean, if you want to. XD I don't have very many friends on it... but I don't care all that much.

    We have SO much to catch up on. :O
    hahahahaha. XD Sorry. I got a new Facebook now. I don't even know what the info is to my old one. I tried logging into it so many times, but I couldn't anymore. >< I've been doing really good. A lot has changed for me, and I'm a little bit mature now. :D

    Yeah. I was able to have them change mine. XD So, I got lucky there. I thought it would help people remember me a lot better. It's been a while though old friend. :3
    Added to Skype and I'll get to Kik in a bit!
    And no. I am not a father. I'm dealing with a crapton of screaming children at work because we're having a music camp thing. :P

    Holy crap you're 20. When did you become 20? You were like...little.
    We should at least find a way to actually keep in touch then, lmao. Do you have Skype or any other IM client?
    And just busy dealing with screaming children all week. One more day!
    JOLTY!!! Hey, it's been a while. :D I doubt you'd remember me though. :( It's been so long since we've talked to one another. I used to go by a lot of names. Kimi-Kaizer, Takuya's angel... etc. How've you been? :3
    You DO know me! We used to talk waaaaaaay back when.
    And what brings you back to PC, Mr. Ally sir?
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