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Judge Mandolore Shepard
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  • I've been good. I've just been writing and joining RPs and stuff. I'm working on bringing back one of my old RPs, so that's something. :3 Hows about you?
    I didn't have a favourite for at least the first half of Blood Gulch (I mean they're all great characters tho) but that changed later on. Caboose was my top fave for a while! I love Captain Caboose! Then it just fluctuated b/w a bunch of characters like Church, Washington, Sheila, Doc, Lopez, Theta. Now I love most of them pretty equally. :)
    That's quite a while ago, so no wonder you don't remember. I have terrible memory so I'm kinda guessing when I started too. Ah so that's all of the Blood Gulch Chronicles. Well at least you got to finish the arc all in one go. I prefer binge watching rather than one episode/week. Do you have any favourite characters or groups from RvB?
    I only just got into RvB about 2 yrs ago but I definitely am a huge fan now! I was watching mostly AH before that and decided that I should actually watch the series that started the whole company. How about you, when did you become a fan?
    Yeah I love both RWBY and RvB!! The season finales for both have destroyed me. :why: Have you seen all of both series?
    I always loved that name of the achievement, quite a nice one to get. I have about 210 now, haven't played in a while (believe just before December) as I had a lot of stuff going on but I'm hoping to get back into it-It was Nose Dive, as I was just playing with a few friends and they let me get a few easy kills ha
    I've gotten one Medic milestones, but compared to everyone else on two I just struggle. What was your easiest achievement to get?
    Mine our the dustbowl as it's a fun to duck and dive, along with Granary arena to fight in. Though I do like 2fort-has good jumping points for what you mentioned about the B.A.S.E Jumper-I struggle with the Medic Achievements the most as everyone else goes into Medic when someone needs one even if it's planned for only one person to
    Mine our Scout, Spy and Heavy. I prefer speed and stealth over attack in TF2, though I like Heavy because of his humour. Though Sniper is cool!
    What's your favourite map?
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