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Judge Mandolore Shepard
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  • omg I love Darth Vader and Yoda! XD The Darth Vader theme has to be one of my most favorite songs. <3 I haven't actually read any of the books I have. The ones that I got a while back are a series, and I don't have all the books in that series to read. I really need to start reading some of them. >< I have some of the recent ones they just came out with.
    You never told me you were a Star Wars fan because I never asked, right? :P. I love Star Wars, and I actually grew up with it a lot. I'm also a huge book collector when it comes to the series. I have books that are hardly findable anymore. 8D I also have a Chewbecca plush that's really fluffy. I even own the entire series (except Episode 7, of course) on blu-ray! I think by far my most favorite character is R2D2. He's so cute! I love when he screams. XDDD

    Sorry, I rambled on there... ^^;
    Hi there! Yeah I joined~ and Shiva is indeed one of my favs ^^... if not my fav XD. Always found her abilities so pretty. Too bad I'm not big on cold nowadays XD;;.
    Sorry to hear that... :/ But I think TheSignWriter is already making an SU to take your spot. -Sigh.- There's not much I can do if she can RP better...
    I really don't know how to advice you on that. :c And I'm a bit concerned that you can't keep up with the RP too. Would it be better if I just decline it instead of dragging on the conversation?
    Would it be fair if I give you one more day or so? I think a few others are interested in the RP (not sure) so I don't know if they'd join either if your reservation ends, but I feel like they deserve a spot
    Hiya, my latest OOC post has a link to a Skype discussion group for Shifting Sands! Please try to join it!
    Hm, well have ya decided whether you'd like to join or not? ^^Just curious since you asked that question!
    Yep, right you are! Now it's a special administrative region and will only return to China in 2047. Oh, Washington huh? I have a few friends there. Two hours away from Vancouver from his place (and I'm going to Vancouver)
    Pichu will make it out of this war unscathed. I'll fight you to the death, Shepard!!!!
    Yup it is a really old game... and hasnt aged well at all lol. But thats its charm because many people love playing the new old school runescape client used before 2006.
    Sorry for late reply! I'm good just playing some Runescape and happy because I have a day off tomorrow. Can't wait to go shopping at the dollar store.

    What's on your plate?
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