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  • It is pretty exciting! Going on an adventure and seeing new places can be a little scary too at times, but I feel like these are once in a lifetime oppprtunities that I have to seize with both hands, especially since I live in a quiet town. It is really a privilege to get out and know the world more. Visiting the United Kingdom is also pretty cool because my mother has British and Scottish ancestry, so it is reconnecting with another part of me. Thank you for your kind words!

    It is you who is the blessing to us Juno! The reason you have many people in your life who care and want to celebrate with you is because of the way you touched their hearts. It is like the Wizard said to the Tin Man in the Wizard of OZ movie, how the size of your heart is judged by "how much you are loved by others[/I]."

    I can relate to how you still care about the home of your parents, even if you never have lived there yourself, especially since you have loved ones still in Hong Kong. I inherited Congolese ancestry from my father, so when I heard about the outbreak of Ebola in the Democratic Republic of Congo it hit me hard, and I had to donate something to the medical efforts because the men and women suffering are also part of me.

    You are doing a great job my friend, you are schooling us here. Your posts are always so smart, fair and informative I think.

    /hugs/ I'm well, thank you Karen! I'm getting ready to pack up and hit the airways again. I think I mentioned my family was staying in England, France and then leaving Europe for Africa. Mt Kilimanjaro here we come!

    I do hope your birthday was filled with all the joy you deserved my friend + 10.

    I have been reading your posts lately and I appreciate how you have shed light on what is happening to citizens of Hong Kong here on the forum. I'm sorry to hear of such an unfair situation, and my heart goes with protestors trying to stay in their home. Again, thank you for sharing the hard-nosed research you have been doing here with us. I hope all is well with you amd your loved ones. Sending all good things your way!

    How are you doing my friend? Its been awhile since last we talked. I hope you are having a fantastic summer!!

    lmao ya it's me! Figured i'd snag the name if it was available.

    lol I'm catching up on season 7 now and plan to watch 8 soon. I've heard it's a mess. Even some of the writing in season 7 is very questionable. But regardless, Arya has easily been one of my favourite characters from the get-go! I love her too.
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