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  • Hey there Juno! I don't know how I missed this reply. Let me give you my long overdue thanks though. Being able to strengthen the community as a mod now is a dream come true. I had no expectation of this, but couldn't be happier.

    I think the activity in clubhouses looks pretty awesome with the help of people like you!

    Things are looking good here on this profile too. I love Arcanine, and spot a cool new avvie change :D

    That is a very mature and sensitive perspective. Loving a big ol' dog but not adopting unless you can meet all of the needs because you deeply care about the dog and their happiness and welfare comes first. We need more owners like you. I wish my neighbors were wise like that.

    I think the turnout for September Serpents was just fine too. I've already started trading and have my hands full already, so if all of my boxes were needed I would ve swamped XD

    Thank you for voting! If you want your Milotic just let me know. I have boys and girls, marvel scale or competitive. So you can step up and snag a snake at any time.

    I might do something like this again. Maybe around the holidays? An ice Pokemon extravaganza perhaps to welcome winter?

    You take care my friend! Have a fantastic weekend! Again, I am really happy to be on the team. As I see it, we are sisters now.

    Yorkies are the best! My best friend has one named Marley, and he is the most gracious fellow. She can just drop the leash and he will wait patiently at her heels on the sidewalk. Usually I prefer the big dogs, the gentle giants, but I make an exception for Yorkies.

    Oh, I have some news to share with you. I amended the rules of September Serpents. While the create-a-pokemon phase is over, and voting has begun, members can continue to claim a Milotic. Now anyone can win this pretty sea serpent by voting in this poll to help us determine who shall reign as king of the serpent festival.

    We have some really beautiful Pokemon so we are definitely going to need lots of voters because it is SO hard! So if you are still interested in 5-6 pokerus Milotic with egg moves then there's s stil time to secure one by casting your ballot.

    We had a moderate amount of entries but each one was so detailed and striking that I am more than satisfied. I really would love to catch all of these critters for real, and said so to everyone.i enjoyed hosting this event and can't wait to start trading with everyone.

    You have an awesome weekend Juno! Mine has been amazing so far.

    Just remember it's a battery backup surge protector. That's the main reason a PC needs it.

    I'd say the other bonus for laptops is the battery backup, but with this, PCs can have that too.
    But in general, I'd always recommend any kind of surge protection on your PC, battery or not. It saved my PC from getting fried more than once.
    Luckily my mother of all people showed interest in it, and I was stoked "Yes, I don't lose out on return shipping cost", so at least something came of it.

    I just hate it when people bill things as "gaming laptop" above all else and it can't even play some of the most well known games, even on the lowest setting.
    Elaborate "Gaming Laptop circa 2003" if it's lower in power or something, otherwise don't be surprised when it doesn't work for what people need it for and complain.

    That was a big reason I decided not to. I thought about "Yeah, it'll be amazing while it lasts", but once it wears out, good luck replacing or fixing it." Vs something like a PC that is very easy and simple. And this was a very high-quality brand (alienware is apparently the pinnacle from what I've seen), but if I had gone ahead and bought it and then read what you wrote about your brother, I feel my heart would drop instantly. Longevity/Reliability>>>>>High power burn that doesn't last long.

    Ah, thank god for my foresight in these matters. Glad I covered all the bases first.

    But since computer issues had begun since around this time last year, and since I found a PS3, my PC gaming has diminished extensively. I only have two actual games and rest are just all digital that I downloaded for free years ago. When you have to play the first half of GTA V over 5 times and the computer keeps screwing up, where you have to instead buy it on PS3 just to finish it, you can imagine how using the PC for gaming becomes taboo or just full of anxiety.

    Turns out my hard drive was corrupted from a lot of stuff over the years, so that's what led it to need full replacing in all those areas.

    But rather than spend 600 on a super gaming laptop I didn't need, I found little battery backup surge protectors for around 50 instead. Basically it allows your PC to continue functioning even in an outage with battery backup like a laptop.
    Since hard drive corruption will happen at any improper shut down (even just one time), this was imperative to start using it again, and maybe I indeed can again now.

    So why drop that much money on something the PC can already do? It'll be a hell of a lot less now, but at least it'll be there if. And if it's always off, that should add a hell of a lot of longevity to it too.
    But I still wish I could make an ideal PC that's like magic. It will work forever and do everything and quell this damn anxiety I have about it.

    When you treat your PC like a porcelain infant already and it STILL screws up, you can imagine the stress and paranoia you develop.

    Anyway, since you're building a PC yourself, I would highly recommend one of those surge protector/batteries too. For anyone with a PC, I imagine.
    You don't have to worry about any of that! You don't have to reply back in 2 seconds.

    What sucks is, it was advertised as a "gaming" laptop, and while I didn't expect it to be top of the line, that alone implies at least it's possible to play.
    That's kind of how my PC is; I told you it's played everything I had fine, so long as you turn down the settings to around normal. I'm not a performance obsessed gamer, so long as I can see what's happening and can play it, it's fine.

    I don't have many PC games, since I mostly migrated to PS3 now, but I have a few copies. And I started with the two biggest I had, Mad Max and GTA V. Basically, if it could play THOSE, anything under was fine.

    I thought MM was more demanding; as the PC plays V perfectly and MM is a bit slower, but it was reversed on the laptop. Both played, but not well. Mad Max did play, but I felt like I was stuck in gum or slow motion, and while GTA V played the first mission, once you got into the highly dense city even driving at an average pace, it was like playing Big Riggs; the world would disappear right out from under you and load several blocks long after you passed them. Totally unplayable, but funny.

    Luckily I resold it to someone who just needed a solid laptop for the same price I bought it for; so it was good for that.... but yeah, gaming, I don't think so.

    Any decent gaming laptop is in the thousands of price, and I can definitely see why PCs are preferred in that regard. I did find a beautiful laptop for half that at 600, even my favorite colors of black and red, and I had to restrain myself to say I don't need it. But man, that was hard.

    Anyway, my biggest issue with PC was lack of battery backup, but there are little surge protector things that have those for sale. Duh, problem solved. 40-100 generally. Way less expensive and the computer can play everything I already have. Problem solved, I'd say.

    Even thinking long term, I know laptop components are pricey, so it just wasn't worth it the end to buy that one one, even at that steal of a price and how sexy it was. Gah.
    Awesome!! As for grooming a Great Pyrenees, they shed tremendously haha. Their coats are magnificent, but imagine Rapunzel constantly shedding her hair. Its very smooth, soft hair that the comb glides through seemingly effortlessly, the trouble is though that no amount of brushing is ever enough! There will always be yards of radiant white hair all throughout the house wherever this dog goes. Me and my mom joke that we wish our hair grew like that and was that shiny with that much volume! We are Jealous.

    We'll see how the contest goes, only a couple of entries were submitted so far though I know a few more members who want to participate and are working on something for the contest, but there's going to be plenty of extra Milotic if you need any. I bred 3 boxes full, and I doubt we will go from 2 peple to a 90 participants lol! Also I extended the deadline till next week to give people more time, so you can even still play and throw your hat in the arena for one of the grand prizes if you are looking for something to do. We may not have many entries yet, but the ones folks have made are really nice so its done me good to see them.

    Talk to you soon! I'm happy to make a new friend!
    Welp, the 'gaming laptop' completely failed all tests for gaming, so I wouldn't have been able to sell the PC anyway. :/
    Thank you so much! I'm a huge fan of DBH and I'm so glad to see an RP for it in RPT. You have a lot of great details in your posts, both CSS and writing, that I really love.
    Can I just say that your CSS for the After Human RP is truly iconic? I'm saying it.
    So you're fighting the good fight in your own way, I see. I wish you well!

    I assume you're referring to the traditional calendar weekends of late Friday, Saturday, and Sunday? I seem to be indifferent to them. I suppose that stems from not having a traditional schedule of 9-5 jobs and/or those in academia. Also, I seem to prefer the weekdays, when the masses are at their jobs, and not making a wreck of city/suburban life. I know that is sweeping generation; this just seems to be my observation as to why I operate better on the weekdays.
    Well, maybe we should change that about not talking much because you seem like a great person! I love that album by the way, I'm a big animal lover and owner of a domestic longhair and great Pyrenees mountain dog!

    Though many people expressed interest in the event since we haven't gotten the entrees yet I am not sure how many people will participate, but I think we will probably have some extra Pokemon to give away in trade if you need any after the event is over. Have a great rest of your weekend Juno!
    Actually, if you are looking for a decent PC; I could show you the one I'm looking to sell. So long as you aren't a performance diva, it's played everything I've ever need it to just fine. Everything from GTA V to emulated DS Pokemon games.
    I recently had to get it fixed too, so the hard drive and power supply are literally brand new. I just to need to blank Windows 10.

    And I could list it for a pretty reasonable price vs building one, if you're interested at least to look.

    Anyway, just curious, so only asking. Let me know! Later!

    I can post the actual technical stuff and all that later if you ARE interested.
    At least you're being a good sport about my "lame joke". :laugh-squinted:

    As for how I am, I'm fighting the good fight in life...so not too bad, I suppose. How about yourself?
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