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  • Hi there,
    It seems we should face each other for the second first round of the PCL. I'm available on Thursday and Friday between about 8 AM and 6 PM (UTC times). So what are your options?
    Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary!
    I thought you had disappeared forever :(

    I'm good! for the most part anyways, just always extremely tired haha

    visit server some btw
    No, I was suggesting forgoing other players picking someone's team and instead simplifying it so that when the player signs up, they pick their top six favorite Pokemon obtainable in the game. That's just a more simple way to have it that can include all the games, it just removes the other player choosing your types/team in anyway. But yeah, let me know if you come up with something. :) I'll be glad to help you out!
    You could always try to spin something off from it and create something similar but new, now that I think about it. Instead of having the element of surprise like with the list of six favorites and someone picking your types, it could be something as simple as signing up with their game of choice and their personal favorites that are already in that game without trading (with exceptions like trade evolutions, version exclusives, the usual) so that way they're forced to stay within what the game already has so that it's not just a free for all. I don't know what you'd go about calling that though, haha. "The OTHER Favorite Challenge"? lol Terrible with names...
    Yeah, that does kind of go against the principle I set up with it, cause it's meant for the latest generation so that it encompasses plenty of options plus sometimes, there just aren't enough Pokemon. For example, if you signed up on Red, you're going to be really limited unless you absolutely love that generation. Since the point is to play with Pokemon that are your absolute favorites, having it playable in generations that limit your options defeats part of why I made it in the first place, unfortunately. I suppose for earlier generations, probably I-III, participants only have to list only one favorite for each type and do it the alternate style I made for those that can't trade.
    Care to fill me in on the twist? Just want to make sure it isn't something that strays it too far from its original intent, if that's alright. :)
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