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  • When I turned 18 back in 2010, I was like "great now I have to start doing that horrible adult thing that is voting in elections". Doesn't help my mother is heartless when it comes to politics, especially since Senate voting changed this year and I'm worried she'll do it incorrectly.
    Happy birthday to you! Have fun being 18 but that also means you'll have to vote in your first elections soon.
    Finally posting in VG, I see. About damn time.

    Where've you been? It's been a while since I've seen you around- at least, around the parts of the forum I go to. You...probably don't even really know who I am, other than the mod of VG. Makes sense, you've just always had pretty memorable profiles. And you were Marisa, my love, so pretty easy to remember.

    ...Yeah, this is all gonna sound weird out of nowhere like this, eheh. You been doing okay?
    FYI, I do like her the most out of the female characters of that serie! That episode where they practise explosion magic on the demon generals castle for like 2 weeks. beautifull!{XD} Certainly one of my favourite comedy anime series that I ever watched. (havent watched that many ;P ) Have you read the Light Novels? Im thinking about picking those up, because I really want to keep following this extremely funny group of people.

    Found a GIF of the episode I was talking about! ^^
    Heya! Just want to say I absolutely love your signature! gives me a chuckle everytime I look at it. :)
    I haaaaaaaaatteeeeeeeeeeeeee that. I really, really do. I don't want to guess! be clear about things
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