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  • I do it without realizing it. I appreciate it more now, after I've speed run through HG and had the worst time trying to beat Lance. XD

    idk I assume a lot of people are American, unless they say otherwise. XD Or if they do or say things that aren't American...like saying mate and get on and stuff.
    I usually spend maybe 30-40? Haha. I do the same. I don't run from wild battles, I battle ever trainer, I'm a big exp grabber tbh. lol And I spend time level grinding, of course.

    They were. :o Don't worry, I remember they were. Other people will tell you the same thing. XD And lol I thought you lived in the Stats. ;;
    lol I hate PMing. Anyway yeah, awesome GB. I wish I still had mine. :< Well, my first was a GameBoy Pocket. But anyway, I'm glad you had fun! I, personally, am never speed running again. XD;
    hehe thanks. (: High production value? I just sang over the offical instrumental haha. I don't mind sounding like Bloody Mary cuz of its awesomeness as a song anyways.
    Mr. Gaga, your voice sounds like Jesus.
    Oh, thank you! :D I listened to yours, and I love what you did with it. You have an awesome sound, and I was wishing you had done the whole song. xD I'm sure you're going to do awesome!
    I do not. :< But if it helps, it's 12:06 midnight in central time right now. :)
    Aaah, maybe you already have the set background feature! When you go into the AR viewer in pokedex 3D, is there a small cog or something in the top corner? I would get my own and run you through it, but i have it closed on a particularly hard part on ocarina of time i want to get past later haha
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