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Legendary Silke
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  • That's because PC and BMGf are run with vBulletin. And yes, there are a lot of things to talk about on here and BMGf.

    This profile actually looks similar to your BMGf profile minus the gradients and background.
    I joined last year in November 7. I made 6,600+ posts, had 160 blogs, 27690 VMs, 100 images, cleared out my PMs only on occasion, never joined any tournaments and had temporary access to the Development forum before finally being banned.
    Yeah, seriously. I posted quite a lot in BMGf. If I could do it there, I can do it here too. I used to use my BMGf blog a lot. Good times, good times.
    Ah. A change that I'd like to see here is that all members would have blogs right off the bat rather than donating for them. Another requirement to have a blog is to have 5,000+ posts. At the rate I'm going, I'll probably have one around the next 4-5 months.
    Even though I know Oshawott is weak to Snivy, I'm still picking it in Black. You're going to have to ask your parents first before you can donate, though. Are you going to donate enough money so that you'll have a blog here?
    The album's on my profile.

    Listen, I gotta get going to my tae kwon do lesson. If you want to add me on IM, I'll PM you my YIM address.
    Good luck with those.

    Oh, and enjoy:
    I saw you a few times while I was still there, but we didn't actually have a chat. -_-

    Anyway, welcome to PC, mate. Is it okay if I added you on Hotmail? (I have some Hotmail addresses registered on my Yahoo Messenger account)
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