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  • Yaaaaaay! Thanks a ton, Chu! :D :D :D

    Bhahahah omg you got my addicted again :o seriously it wasn't good for the end of my semester :')
    Your events will be missed :( but you'll go back to them one day imo

    Photography?? Yes photography!! I'm doing fairly well :)
    oh chu i loved your events, never say never!! :( well, you didn't but y'know...

    and i see, i was not aware!
    It became too annoying for me. I had to copy paste the thing everytime I logged on :(
    Yup, it's been a fairly nice break from work! But it's sadly coming to an end soon and I'll be forced to my responsibilities once more. :c
    I might be able to through the remember password thing. But it would take longer to type and I wouldn't be able to do any challenges that involve posting screenshots. For the second week I won't have internet access at all.
    You wrote in the chat that you were first introduced to Pokemon through a Pikachu teddy which you thought was a cat. I thought Pikachu was some sort of rabbit at first. :)

    The last time I watched the anime properly was when Misty was still in it and I think it was in Kanto many years ago and Pikachu loved Ketchup for some reason. I have seen clips on Youtube but have not watched the anime properly for a long time.
    Ah vraiment?J'aurais cru que l'anglais aurait été assez reconnu... J'aimerais tellement aller au Japon, mais j'ai une certaine crainte de l'inconnu (une grande ville, ne pas comprendre le langage, etc.) et aussi un vol de minimum 12 heures x.x
    L'espagnol est relativement près du Français, donc apprendr eun aide à apprendre l'autre. J'aprouve, le japonais est très difficile à apprendre! :o
    I notice that you have a Club that is working well for you. May I ask for a few tips on how to make a good club? The club focus is Ghost types.
    Hello Mr LegendChu. I know that Pikachu is your favourite Pokemon but do you like his adorable pre-evolution Pichu?

    Also is your love for Pikachu due to Ash's in.the anime?
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