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  • Aww, thanks a lot! :D

    But I can't say I'm that good at dueling, though! Maybe just a little addicted, hahaha.
    Yeah, if you want to understand how to use a language, using it is the way to go. Reading books on the other hand is usefull if you want to understand how these languages work, especially since all of them use a lot of similar concepts so you have an easier time getting accustomed with a new language. There's this saying that goes like "Judge a language on how it handles strings.". That aspect in particular is pretty interesting when you compare older languages like C/C++ with newer ones like C#.

    "Innovative" sounds pretty ominous; also, if you have a death wish use Haskell or another Functional Programming language. {XD}

    Yeah, it really looks terrible, but it's at least a start. Lot's of people don't even get that far. But to be honest: that amount of work you wanted to do is just insane, especially without frameworks and stuff. Then again, it's always been the crazy people that formed the future...

    Your take on a Pokedex similar to Smogon's? Sounds interesting enough. I get it, you don't really have time for it, anymore?
    oh wow, what are the practical ones like? o.o

    yeah, games are great c: what ones do you like to play? sounds like my kind of christmas ^^ i will probably do something with family too though :p
    You just know more than you think you do. And even for the stuff that you don't know at the moment, there's still books and the internet and of course learning by experiencing, though it comes down to you wanting to spend the time needed to learn it, obviously, which you seem to be doing, anyway.
    Just look on the bright side: while you might not know all the stuff others know, there's a lot of people, who do it as their job and who only know a fraction of the stuff you know and yet they manage to do what their supposed to do successfully. :)

    Sounds like you got all the good stuff: data mining, path finding and not getting frustrated by the monstrosity that is PHP. {XD}

    But in all seriousness: it's good to hear, that you've already managed to acquire some knowledge that helps you in future project. I mean, at the end of the day, that's after all what those project's main purpose is. :)

    Is there something that you program for yourself?
    good luck with your college work ^-^ good thing it's lessening soon~

    im okay, but don't really feel like doing anything atm, might play some games :s any plans for christmas?
    Maybe when it zooms in and he's looking a little bit to the left? seems like it would be doable :p
    been up to much? ^-^
    Sounds a lot like you are pretty good at programming, though. I mean you have multiple projects and use multiple languages with some of them being full of annoying pitfalls; that sure sounds more like you know your stuff. I'd actually be surprised if you fail. :)

    What projects are you developing, if I may ask?
    Hihi, thanks :>
    there's a thread where you can ask for one and they're nice enough to add one! though I don't know if they can do it for gifs, usually they turn the gif into a single frame
    What language are you using? I would imagine something like C# or Java, since they seem to be used a lot by software developers.
    I'm fine, doing pretty good on school.

    Anyway, you said it. DB, Orton, Seth, Cesaro, Sami Zayn :( Did you watch RAW?
    That's really cool though! :O
    I battle daily :) I prefer random.
    My keyboard is weird. It's usually not too bad though. :P
    college seems stressful, but I guess it depends on what you do or how many courses you take.
    Well that will be exciting! :)
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