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  • Hello. It is midnight, I am tired, and I just woke up an hour ago. Does something seem missing to you? xD;

    And I took a nap 2 hours before. :(
    ohmygod, Kyuubeh is cute in your icon.

    Too bad that terrifies me, despite it being cute to look at. Though, it almost looks creepy in a way, thanks to it's actions in the series. XD;
    Thank you. May this be a bad time to say I already sold my soul to the devil? Because I kinda did that a while back...
    It's sooo cute regardless. You can if you wish, though! :D
    Ah, five to ten minutes in the presence of such radiant kindness would feel like a most wonderful and long month to me. Would that you could shower me with gifts for such a length of time that it would be as if I was sleeping eternally, your benevolence bored into the very depths of my skull. As I lay my head to the pillow, I see visions and feel that this lovely eternity may soon slip over me. There is a river, with a single small boat docked at its shores, the rowman ushering me wordlessly into the seat opposite him. Maybe I shall pick up an oar and see where this stream leads me...

    Ah, such japes of yours! A mahou shounen never bleeds because he is always victorious in battle. Such mischievous wit to speak of such absurdities as if they were real. Caring soul I know you well to be, this moment of levity must surely have been one of your many gifts; a laughably-impossible image planted in my mind to remind me of my invulnerability so that I may always do my very best when locked in conflict with my foes. The cape is, of course, non-negotiable ◕ ‿‿ ◕

    I await candy-colored dreams as I sleep tonight, and all the better if you can bestow upon me sweet visions of licorice! In my waking hours I am no fan of anise, but in a dream I can will it to be sweet, savory, anything I wish. You're always working so hard to expand the horizons of what I experience in the realm of dreams. While I am not aware of the confection you refer to as "scorpions" (a regional delicacy, perhaps?) I am sure I shall feel your kindness from my scalp to the tips of my toes tonight.
    yo its been a while sence i've been on pokecommunity and i'm lookin for some1 new to talk 2 and ur my victim hehehe
    I can't even conceive what you're trying to say. I believe that tingling sensation deep in my ear canal is nothing more than my residual feelings of moe toward these baby spiders and Lily herself, who is so sweetly deredere and guileless when giving gifts and who would never give me anything with any less than the kindest intent.

    Moe kawaii is nothing less than what I would want for my feminine side. Being a man requires only a slightly more Kaga hairstyle and the addition of a cape. A mahou shounen must still be cute and charming, so anything else must be left untouched ◕ ‿‿ ◕

    If by baby spiders you mean sweet dreams, I feel that my pillowcase must have been full of them. It was as if the dreams poured out of the pillow in droves as I drifted off to slumber, filling the orifices of my face. I dreamt that I was in my own bed, a red liquid pouring from my ears and eyes for hours on end, which I assume to be cherry syrup as it could be nothing less in so sweet a dream. I must remember to meditate intently upon waffles or shaved ice before going to sleep tonight ◕ ‿‿ ◕
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