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  • did we have an ancient club thing of old PC people, can we revive it and post idea there maybe. Should get that place up again for "old folks talk" as if it's a retirement home for us old people.
    btw Lily, Niko doesn't want to rejoin PC but suggested interesting idea... maybe we should form a group on FB of us oldies XD
    You're too kind, Lily-chwan. If raising a colony of baby spiders is anything like in Charlotte's Web, you've made me a proud father and given meaning to my life. I know that my Lily could never be a yandere with such a big heart, yeah?

    Your picture is amazing! I suddenly feel the need to attempt to adapt it to the Madoka character designs. I need to be more masculine if I'm not going to be genderswapped, though. Kaga is above being a trap :3 Jorjames and I were discussing the possibility of my having fallen into the Spring of Drowned Chef while training in China, giving me the ability to change genders instantly at the bite of a bell pepper. The ultimate choice is yours ◕ ‿‿ ◕
    Your presence was sorely missed and it quickly descended into Jack and I discussing conspiracy theories regarding your absence. You should be careful not to stray too far from your Soul Gem ◕ ‿‿ ◕
    Shine on, you crazy yandere diamond.

    It's not going to be the same without your eyebrows but I think we'll make it just this once.
    Bring me back a plastic spider ring or a goldfish or something. If you don't, I have a mighty fine needle collection myself~

    Yeah, I'm going on with it no matter what. The fact that we only play in the middle of the night is part of our legend!
    I forgot to ask you earlier, but that audio file you sent me was actually you, wasn't it? XD Alas, you failed to intimidate me as I found the spot-on yandere impersonation more endearing than frightening.

    I agree to the truce! Our battles can be fought any day; a band is a rare occurrence. Maybe music can guide you to the truth where I failed to do so.
    Okay, okay, I won't throw it in your face anymore if you promise not to go tsundere on me like this again :p

    ...actually, it's worth it. I swat your lies away as I would a pesky fly on a hot summer afternoon. I tolerate you only because you don't know better, but if you get close enough to me that you threaten to land upon my delicious picnic of truth I will be forced to squash you.
    I like that...that's my new official reason for creating a new account instead of reviving my old one and changing the name: tmbjr is too classic of a name. XD

    And I love this picture too. Gengar is a total creeper. :D
    My poor Lily. I don't want you to embarrass yourself further by spewing synonyms out of a book in lieu of an actual argument, so save yourself the frustration and find a new topic to be wrong about.
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