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  • Aww, you. (:

    Say, do you have a FB or Google Hangouts account? I'll be completely leaving PC soon (sometime around this month), if it's okay for you to trade contacts with me, I'll add you (and remember to send them by PM). But hey, it's totally okay if you don't want to, I understand it completely.
    Don't tell me you're still working on the new year's day... :(
    -pokes your boundary- ;)
    Happy new year! Hope you have a great one. :D
    Tryna breakout from the comfort zone, eh? Are you strict with your staff?
    That isn't cheesy, it's amazing that you can connect with different sorts of people. :D Back in the days when I was working in the retailing I could do a good service, but when it comes to small talk I was just terrible at it. That's what I get from being an introvert and a shy person (although I'm not as shy as before, haha)!
    You seem to be really happy with your job, which is great, of course!
    Oh a restaurant manager. :D Awesome sauce, no pun not intended. ;D How long have you been managing a restaurant?
    Yeah, it's actually easy to fix a physical exhaustion by sleep, but the mental one on the other hand... 8 Hours of sleep ain't the best remedy. :(
    I recall you once said on a thread you're working in the retailing industry, are you still working there?
    Well, at least I can relate with the off work part. ^_^
    I really needed that day off, it was really killing me... My work isn't physically tiring, but mentally exhausting.
    Didn't know you used to play competitive. :D Even Persian kills back in the day! Nowadays it gets slayed instead!
    Kingdra, lovely choice! That sweet thing definitely deserves a mega evolution back in Gen VI, it's rather sad that Kingdra can't really keep up without the help of rainy weather nowadays. :( Not that I'm saying Kingdra's weak, in fact -- it's one of this Water-type lover -waves- favorite Pokemon! No that wave pun by this Water trainer wasn't intended, I swear. As you know, as generations go on, most older Pokemon gets overshadowed by newer Pokemon/old Pokemon that received new toys (such as moves, Ability and so on). Just look at Tauros and Exeggutor who were once part of the top tiers. :(

    Absol was absolutely unexpected.

    Ayyy sorry for that long message XD
    Seems like the only generation you're into and interested in is Gen II. I wouldn't be even surprised if you dislike HGSS, haha.
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