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Lipstick Vogue
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  • Hi :3 I see your more active than everyone else at the moment. I must say, I like your name! I am very girly, myself, so names with stuff like 'lipstick' in them are nice to me. Want to be one of my new friends here? :3
    Merry Christmas to you, too, LP

    Meant to throw it at you in the morning two days ago, but anxiety got in the way.


    How other than some classy Sakura mistletoeing, did you do anything particularly special?
    I'm surprised it hasn't been brought up. I have to believe it's gonna brought up at some point because it's fucking Rock Lee. How does he even impregnate a woman?

    Plus...I mean, other than the brief time after he was introduced and had a thing for Sakura, was he even ever romantically interested in...anything?
    Soooooo is Inojin Ino and Shikamaru's child or something? I get that he's Sai and Ino's kid, but....

    ...But I mean...c'mon.
    kinda understand your post in the A&M board about MANime. I'll post my thoughts when I have time
    2 busy these days tho ;__;
    C'mon Vogue, I'm serious.

    Heard about what happened over there and I assume you encompass the entirety of the UK because that's how the English work.
    Dunno, the original Astro Boy, maybe? My apologies, I'm currently in a somewhat down mood and can't really bring myself to work through your stuff, so if there really is no other option I'd like you to pick something, yourself. :)
    It kinda is real. Everyone, including half the dumb dumbs it covers, accepts its real.
    it should come as no surprise to you that I have nothing but detest for an opportunistic racist who defends paedophilia. Can't tolerate fat women feeling good about themselves, but men who rape kids are fine. Only could someone from the Alt-Right push this position.
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