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Lipstick Vogue
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  • Neither was citing a movie set in the first world war as a source for information on the NSDAP.
    The post about that was in response to a comment I made about Dragonball. It was a simple and clear joke. Your comment was a bitter cry about the left being Nazis. Which led to my first reply, either you know nothing about the left or you know nothing about the Nazis, My guess is it's a double whammy.
    Sorry, I really don't see how someone who states "the left are nazis" could be anything other than cripplingly unfunny or an alt right halfwit. I didn't want to hurt your feelings by calling you unfunny.
    Honestly when are you alt righties gonna drop the cognitive dissonance and actually see the woods from the trees? I;m so sick of this stupid narrative that the Left are this or the left are oppressive or the left are 603905689390 made up genders or whatever stupid trope you have this week. The left are the reason you aren't in the same situation the working class of China are.
    I didn't reply in the thread because it was wildly off topic but this is probably the stupidest thing I've ever read. It shows an amazingly poor grasp on both modern day politics and the historical legacy of the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei. The great irony is that the Left, almost exclusively, are the ones who push for education for all, healthcare for all, housing for all, security for all whereas the right are the literal pieces of sh!t who try and limit the chances and quality of life of millions of their fellow citizens based on gender, race, orientation, religious affiliation and a myriad of other factors that essentially boil down to "not whit, straight and male"
    Hey, thank you for letting me know and sorry for the late response. I've been busy traveling for work this past week so I haven't had the chance to check out the thread a lot. I probably wont be able to give my input this time, but as soon as I get home in the next two days I'll check out the thread and watch whatever series was decided on.
    Ayy I think I've made up my mind. I'll join, but it looks like I'll need to do an official application on the forum. Heading over there now, see you there.
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