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lol 78

I am the last remaining pure blood human in the universe the earth was destroyed long back 2356 to be exact it was destroyed by the evil billionaire alien trump he succesfully made walls all around the world and there was no more space for to live and then we just moved to new planets and left to trump to have his personal time with all those walls
the fight between logan paul and ksi still continues to this day
Yes both of then are immortal*sigh*their fight led to world war 3
Yeah about the pure blood thing by 2069 every one of you'll will be cyborgs as a mad scientist named pewdiepie tried to stop the fighting of logan and ksi by making a GAS but instead it just made everyone a cyborg
don't ask me anything about that even I don't know how that worked ???
yeah you must be wanting to ask me why I didn't I become a cybo it was because I was holding the pokemon bible at that time and the pokemon god saved me
so then I came to this century to live a peaceful life but some cybos have followed me here too

and some sound advice if you see any kid that is going to see the logan vs ksi match then do a favour and save the future by killing that 9 year old

yeah i'm not dumb arceus didn't save me he is an ahole I came to this century just before that gas exploded after that I became an atheist

surviving,watching pokemon episodes from the 20'th century,and making rom hacks(although I don't know how to hack it I 'm learning)
xiander 47655
Quick Self-Introduction
I am the last remaining pure blood human from the 31'st century,...... more on that later
Male ♂
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the last survivor
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fight club champ 7979
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