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  • Is good. Trying to multitask to stay on-par with all RPs I'm involved in AND I think I'm now obsessed with Marvel Comics xD

    Mmm... Being completely honest I didn't thought about trolls :p I probably won't introduce more than two of them... dunno, really.
    In her highest tier, yes, but for now she just has to deal with sudden outbursts of rage :p

    Creating a new universe, silly! But the obstacles, oh! The obstacles tha will show themselves!
    I will introduce the planets so that y'all can finally garner what's goig on in your session anytime soon ;]
    Scratch. As it was mentioned, it is present as an option in doomed sessions. Your is... but not quite, Echidna will be able to explain that eventually ;]

    I imagine that Divya would eventually learn to be a tactician as she assumes her role as heiress. She would probably end up choosing to only use the PEACY THING when it was absolutely needed. Th epeacy thing itself would consist of a barrage of destructive and fast attacks that last for a short while. They would only be physical, though.

    Would you like to know something else? :3
    First I need to bring both HOMESTUCK SHENANIGANS and [DE] CODING (maybe I capitalize RP names too much? xD) to a nice, humble and TOTALLY AWESOME ending :]

    Murrica, haha xD Yeah. Even here in Mexico the streets and malls are bustling more than usual 'cause of that :p
    :p Now I know who to come to if I ever feel like making a RP about that franchise xD I'll let you know if I ever get one :p

    And if I take long to reply... then it's because I am woring on 2 SUs and 4+ RP posts while listening to random music to set me in different moods... Multitasking ftw! >:D
    Lol, I know that already xD Snake hiding under ridiculously noticeable boxes n' stuff :p
    I just haven got around playing any title yet :/ Planning to lay my vicious claws on a Metal Gear game the moment I'm finally able to acquire one! :D

    Or at least someone more frightening than DeeDeeDee xD
    I'm not that much into Metal Gear xD But yes, we need moar real villains :] And Zero Squared... Then our lives will be fulfilled o3o
    I seem to recall seeing the Villager in Smashville's backgroung or something... So I guess you could say he's been here the whole time... Watching... Learning...

    I'm hoping they add more Sonic/Metal Gear chars, too :D
    :/ Please don't cry, dear, sweet, precious Evan, my signature hadn't been updated link-wise for quite a while, so I pretty much missed links to the profiles of several people when updating it last time... But you're there now!

    Remember the good times? Us talking about french literature, spinning around in a field of flowers at the rhythm of Ariana's whistles? Those were the best days ever.

    I go to this random ole uni in Alabama haha. If you ever wanna see my marching band, you can just YouTube Marching Southerners. :P

    Knowing me, that avatar will make a return in the future. It's one of my favorites, and Derozio made it for me, so it's extra special!
    Sadly, I didn't catch you, but to point out: You forgot to put "Er ma gerd" in your back story for Elite's RP. Or well, I didn't see it.
    I'm awesome. ;) And tiny. So imagine a small cute person playing a giant saxophone. lol

    Well, you're in high school, so that explains it. lol I'm in college, so I'm mainly talking to college students and young adults, most of which are beyond watching anything on Nickelodeon or paying attention to any artists that come out of it. :P
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