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  • Saxophoooone. Bari saxophoooone. lol

    Yeah Mariah has the history to go along with her, but still, I think Ari will get there one day. Just wish she was more well known by people...non-internet dwelling people anyway. No one I know irl seems to know her.
    You're in band too? What do you play? :) And eh, I don't care for Mac's part honestly. It comes off a bit awkward imo. And Ariana has the potential, but I wouldn't say she's on par with Mariah. Mariah is...Mariah. ...idg why people compare those two though. They're pretty different imo.

    That's how things generally go. XD
    The Way is sitting in my iTunes at 125 plays, which is the most. But if it were counting plays from my old PC, then it would still probably be in top 20. But yeah, it's up there. I'm pretty sure 125 is inaccurate anyway. lol

    That's okay! <3 I'm happy you decided to branch out and talk to me! n__n
    Oh yes. Love it. <3 I really can't wait for her to have a full album. Just...omg. I'll be so happy.

    That's okay! Haha. You should have found me quicker though. :P
    I'm sorry your new balances blinded me. I was left unable to speak or move for months. I mean, we might as well do a whole wew wardrobe because if that's what you're wearing on your feet I can't imagine what you're wearing on... your body. *shudders*
    Hi there! The specs I posted in that thread will be fine for playing those types of games. In fact, it would probably be major overkill. If you've got 1K to burn, by all means, build that rig, but otherwise you could cut down a lot. I don't have time to go over the whole thing ATM, but for starters I strongly recommend cutting down the CPU - I only posted that because OP insisted on an i7. You'd almost certainly be fine with an i3-3225 at $150CAD, or AMD's Phenom II 965, at a very nice $89CAD. The prices will be less in america. Feel free to message me if you need any more help :)
    No worries! Just wanted to remind you, since a plot thingy will happen when Odetta (Geras) has joined the others in the medium.
    Could you let me make a short IC post before you, though? For the sake of chronology :]
    Oh, you should listen to it, especially the last minute :3 I'm actually considering changing my theme from Bec to Ellie. I love Lights, Salt Skin and Explosions... The latter which I sing to the microwave when there's popcorn in it :p

    See, some artists I can't help but hate for whatever reason. In this list you shall find Bieber, Rebecca Black, Britney Spears, Nicki Minaj and so on. Bruno isn't safe from it. I don't know why it is... I simply just hate his whole being :p If it were for me, I'd rather listen to Gorillaz, Florence + Th Machine, REM or Ellie :)
    Mmm... I just listened to her cover of Only Girl. Gotta say the whole beginning took me by surprise xD I like it better than Rihanna's... but I think I prefer Ellie Goulding's cover of it a tiny bit more *shot*

    Well, me being me, I hate Bruno mars, so it wasn't that hard to like her version more xD
    But Mariah looks like she's about go bi*** about anything the whole time! ...Especially when Nicki Minaj talks in American Idol xD

    And I love her cover version of Grenade o3o
    Ariana is great, in fact, you could say she's Grande :p /lame pun ftw

    I love how she can hit some of Mariah Carey's notes o3o
    "Baby I love the way *screech, screeeee-ech, screech, screeee-ech!* Ooooh I love the way!"
    French literature kicks the rest of the worlds' butt :)

    Can't say I've read it xD Might as well do it, though
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