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  • Isn't level 300 around the area where the Greatsword of Artorias is the strongest though? It seems like the worst place to PvP, not only because it's near dead, but because most players are going to have the stamina to wear full Havel's and still backflip.

    I prefer Demon's Souls because it ditches poise and has hyper armor instead, but Dark Souls has so much more diversity. It's pretty annoying being turtled by Scraping Spear wielders, and last time I played I got invaded by a guy with a Mercury Uchigatana and a Baby's Nail. Very discouraging encounters.
    I'm actually doing PvP at SL 70 to have better matches, so I'd have to stay away from Murakumo since I'm gonna basically gouge Dexterity for max cast speed(45). But just about all of those others seem fine. Too bad non great-scythe halberds have extremely similar movesets.

    To be honest though, I didn't know the Falchion was cookie cutter. It seemed like one of those viable, yet unappreciated PvP weapons. But then again, 90% of the weapons I saw were Lightning Claymores or Washing Poles wielded by burger king giants, so I don't exactly have much experience in variety.
    That should still work fine. Do you know any good Dexterity weapons? I can only think of the Uchigatana/Iaito/Washing Pole now but I'd rather use a non cookie cutter weapon.
    Hey, are you any good at Dark Souls?

    Oh, and if you respond, it'd probably be best if you responded on my profile.

    I know you haven't really been posting around before the past few days, so I wanted to let you know about a rule you inadvertently broke, so you don't have to deal with it later :) It's against the rules to bypass the censor on PC. So if you feel the need to swear, just swear outright and let the censor catch it so it shows up as all asterisks.

    I noticed you had a post like that, so I just edited it to match the censor. No worries, just watch out for next time, yeah? :3
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