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  • So you are in the 12th grade? Im only a year behind ya

    The only sport I can play is bowling. Im okay, but Im going to improve for next season. I play on the school bowling team!

    I read manga. the box set of volumes 1-7 of pokemon adventures came in a few days ago, and Im going to start reading today!

    Im really into politics. Like too much. If you read my blogs, ill be posting updates on my political ideology I'm creating.

    I also read a lot of nonfiction political or economic books.
    what else do you do in your free time other than watch anime? Unless anime is your only joy. :P
    I dont know Sting yet. But Gray is super cool! Recently I have been liking Natsu more though. Out of the female characters, I think Erza is my favorite. She is such a diverse character.

    So far the Edolas arc is very interesting lol. I really liked the arc Oracion Seis arc! Probably my favorite.

    Im not past the Edolas arc yet, so idk about Tartarus.

    Who are your favorite characters?
    I love Fairy Tail... the characters are amazing, gives you the feels, and awesome action of course! I enjoy learning about the backstories of the characters. I dont mind the plot armor, but I do think the lightheartedness is uncalled for in some scenes.

    My mom is convinced i loved watching animated cats because I just watched the episode where they are in the world with all of the Esteeds xD
    Im not that great at art, but I love to do ceramics! I run a ceramics club at school that sells bowls for charity!

    My favorite anime? If you watch anime, you know that question is impossible to answer lol. xD

    But probably Parasyte maybe? But I love mecha and fantasy anime as well. For example, the Fate series and Iron-Blooded Orphans. Manga is a bit easier- probably blue exorcist, watamote, or attack on titan.

    whats uppppppppp

    i like your theme here. the art is beautiful... did you create it yourself? Also, how can one not like Fairy Tail? +i love cute fairy tail character art. idk why, but I like it more than every other anime's fan art lol.
    Hahaha I see, didn't noticed!

    I'm doing pretty good. I'm trying to figure out how to use CSS for a signature though lmao
    Oh hey!

    Look at that, you joined some months before me. I found that funny so, I had to mention it. How are things? :)
    I spent days tearing down computers, although the job was physically demanding. I no longer work there as of the present.

    Today I performed difficult exercise, which is why I don't have a lot of energy right now.
    I had a job that involved physical labor, and I assumed that since I exercised frequently, this would be perfectly easy.
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