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  • Oh no, is it the schoolkids tiring you out?
    you should get back into some relaxing HQing i mean RPing
    I did it cause I literally changed ID's everywhere else.

    and yet the setup remains the same, making it based off of a pokemon XD
    the fun thing was I was 'ShadowE' before I left and now that I returned I became "TY"

    at this point i just love to see people finding out it's me :'D
    last message 3 years ago yes it indeed has been a very long time
    It is ^_^

    I'll be sure to nudge you :3
    Nice to chat with you again and see how you're going.
    I'm thinking of doing a Christmas mafia maybe heh. It'd be nice to have you back for some more.

    Busy is better than boring though! Far from all clear, but my health as improved, I actually managed to get out of the house for a short while the other day and I've been more active and stuff. I'm enjoying life a lot more again. Chura's been an amazing help with getting me be more positive again. ^_^
    I'd say the UG is thriving. We've got a healthy and active userbase and sometimes games come in faster than we can accept them. How's things going in real life?
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