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Mario The World Champion
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  • Okay Mario, I will be back on Saturday night. But that could change, oh well. I will be there. Goodnight Mario. Sweet dreams. ^_^
    Hey I know you don't like waiting. Don't worry, I will get everything done as soon as possible. I got to wait and see now. Oh yes this is so fun. XD Check at the right corner below my social groups...hehe. Man, this is so awesome! *takes out Lastfm link from sig*
    Hehe, yay! Claim what is yours, lol. There is a claim a series thread too, but it is in re-claim mode. I am hoping after the re-claim period, I can request two more anime.
    Yeah, I am going to be alright. I am going to try to get this behind me. I hope by the end of the month, I will have all of my stuff and everything will get back to normal. Hehe, yeah this feature is so awesome. I think my claim list will be obsolete now. XD I will go ahead and let you do that. ^^
    Thanks Mario. You are so understanding. Yeah I am a little freaked out, so it will take me time. But I am a little better than yesterday. I was a nervous wreak yesterday. I wish you could help me too. Man, I hate it when they steal stuff! They don't deserve to live. I swear can they get a job if they want money! >_<
    Oh yes. Well I feel a lot better now. I got my police report and I close all of my accounts and got new ones. And I am getting a new SSN and Driver's License. Also once I turn my police report to my bank, I will get my money back to my new account. My parents put Fraud Alerts on my SSN. Just in case that person try to get a credit card in my name. The card company will call me first, and ask me did you do this? I will tell them no, and that person will get it!! I do hope they will catch that person...I will press charges. So that is it so far. My parents are getting me some money to hold me over til next payday and til I get my money back.
    Yeah so everything needs to put on hold til further notice. I will get over this, I will. You, everyone, and my family will help get through this. I will let you know what happens. Bye for now.
    Yes I did, but they didn't give me anything. I probably have to go to the police station and file one. They are thinking I misplaced it somewhere, no I had it on the couch. Dang it I am not too happy right now. I am very sad...I will never get over this. I did hear noises but I thought it was from upstairs. But if I did checked...I probably ended up getting killed. So I am glad I am alive...but still. Anyway I better go to sleep. I got a lot of things to do tomorrow. See you later.
    No it happened in my apartment. I do have a lock at work. But this happen at my own home. Part of it was my fault...I should have the sliding door closed. >_< But my purse was always in the cough and my door was always open and it was safe there. *sigh* I am such an idiot. So I have to go to the bank and stop my checking account, I got my card stopped. So that is good...they took everything. *cries*
    Hey Mario, how are you? Well me I am not doing to good.Well I got some bad news...it is going to be awhile when I get back online. My purse got stolen earlier this evening. And they took everything! So right now I don't have anything. *sigh*
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