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  • If I've gone offline by the time you come back on, tomorrow I'll be available from 4pm to 9pm UK time (not sure what time that is for you, sorry!). Again, sorry that we keep missing each other! {XD}
    Apologies, I ended up having more stuff to do yesterday than I expected...! I'm free for the rest of today though, so here's my FC: 5069-3912-3062. Let me know if you're around and we can finally battle! :)
    Ah, so we did! I don't really have time today, but I'll be free pretty much all of tomorrow.
    If I'm online tomorrow and I see you are too, I'll let you know :)
    You're welcome ! And I'll be looking forward to your next visit, you're always welcome around ! :) (haha thanks ! still working on the convenience part xD)
    Not so different from yours apparently. :P Haha no it's just that I talk a lot with my friend and I end up going late ! xD Also, I think you need to restart your game for me to show up in your friend list in Pokemon !
    Oh... I apologize, I didn't see you had wirtten it there ! >.< I should stop going to bed so late haha.
    But thanks ! I'll add you right away !
    Oh I see. xD Yeah you have to do that c: Register Friend -> Internet and just add my FC, you don't need to actually write my name there, just write "aaa" or w/e and you have to give me yours too ! :)
    Hello there c: Yes, I am ! I cannot remember if we've added each other yet. xD
    Hey man, what's up?
    What're you up to nowadays? I'm not really into Pokemon anymore so it might be easier to find me on facebook although I think I purged my friends list a while ago.. Do you still remember my actual name? haha
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