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  • Hello, you don't know me but I found you while reading over a mafia game and !!!same fandom!!!
    ##Give Trump Hat?

    Wait no, that doesn't work....

    ##Give Trump Hairpiece

    There, that's better, maybe?

    I kid, I kid. I'm just as shocked as you.
    I'm doing decent, started getting used to school again :) But the hype for Sun and Moon is killing me rn xD
    Hey there! Recently saw you on the latest mafia, and couldn't help but noticing a fellow Fire Emblem fan! How's it going?
    I was thinking of joining Faes, but the whole Discord thing doesn't work out too great for me because I do a lot of my browsing on mobile. There is the app, but I can't install it (primarily due to outdated firmware which I have to use). I can use Discord on my PC, but relatively less often, so I'm not sure how viable that would be if I got a role that required chat.

    Also, if I do join it, I might not be able to keep fully caught up with the events and such - though I would make an effort - but I wouldn't be the bare minimum for active, I would hope. I don't want to detract from your game, so what do you think?
    Yup, I replied to your message :p Did it not go through?

    Sure! 3EST sounds like the best time for me, but I'll let you know if anything changes.
    Haha! all your birthdays are in june too? most of my family are june aswell, busy month for us eh? :D What do you have planned, maybe a nice meal or somethin'? :)
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