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  • Alright, good. Once I've got her here, I have nothing else to leave behind, and ZN will be nothing but a bad taste in my mouth that comes along every once in a while.
    I'm not, dude. Now stop trying to make it seem like I am. I'm only telling her not to be suprised if it happens to her. I have not told her to leave.
    Hey, SS, I noticed something hilarious about my ban information.

    "Time ban will expire: 8/09/11"

    Um, that was 20 days ago. Mess up.

    Hmm... I can't think of anyone. And it wouldn't be right for me to ask Missy to do it. I mean, come on.
    Octy told me. She told me that only she and Hallow tried to help me. All of the others just sat there or went against it.

    Yeah, I wish I could talk to Hallow.... Strangely, KM didn't try to help get me unbanned. I couldn't believe it. Zenax was cool, but I don't miss him at all.

    No.... she's not.... She was on ZN, but never got on and only sent me like one PM.... Kitty....
    To be honest, I don't miss any of them. The only thing I regret is that I wasn't nicer to Kyu... I mean, I wasn't really mean to her to begin with, but I just wish she and I didn't always argue back then. I have no regrets about Zexy, though.
    Good. That's even more proof that she was just being mad.

    Because I'm sure they're still talking about me, just like they used to. I don't want any part of that crap. I'm done with it. It's much better here, anyway.
    ... Well, that at least makes me think a bit better of Zexy, but she still raged too much. Especially with the de-modding thing. (She also lied about the thing when she said I only got modded because I bickered. I only asked her once.)

    However, I still don't want to come back. I was right about that place. I should've never joined.
    Does not seem so.

    So, who's the person that knocked enough sense into Zexy to at least make the ban only temporary? XD
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