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  • Even normal Gigalith looks cool! I'll be able to get one once I can trade in White, which will be right after I get shiny Snivy, Oshawott, Tepig, Pansage, Panpour, and Pansear! Yeah, that's going to be really soon... :D
    Just 55 hours in 8 days, and still no shinies. Add that to an average of 3 hours of hunting over the past two months, and you get...


    No shinies! :D
    Yeah, I pretty much gleaned Axiom 22 from reading some posts in the old club. :) 712 pages is bound to offer some advice and tips for shiny hunting! :D
    It takes a bit to finish up, but once it's done it should give you a code to plug into your account. My theory is that the code is to verify that the game cartridge is legit, so it might take a bit to verify. Mine took a few minutes IIRC.
    That is very honorable of you, brave shiny hunter.

    Alas, I fear that all manuals have been destroyed, and all who had ever read them killed. We are being hunted, my good Razor_Leaf. The knowledge is essential to the survival of our race! Bits and pieces of the manual can be found in the old Shiny Hunter's Club, but even that has been destroyed. Reading through it will yield you much knowledge, but the sacred knowledge is scattered throughout 712 pages, so it is quite a lengthy task which won't even render the entire manual.

    The only mortal who has laid eyes on the great manual is MetalMario, and possibly Runasutaru. Their sagacious knowledge dates back for generations...

    They were distributed a while ago by the ancient sages of shiny hunting. There aren't that many copies left in print, and those who do have them hold them dearly. The evil anti-shiny hunting squads have gone around trying to hurt our chances however they can, and they've destroyed most of the manuals! They also killed all the shiny Reshiram, Zekrom, and Victini. :(
    No problem, ask away. It might take me a few min to respond though, because I'm about to go walk over to my boyfriend's, but I'll be on my computer there so once I get there I'll answer. xD; What's the problem?
    I know! "Klink" is an alright name, but it's just not gear-y enough. Simple is the best!

    No problemo, sonny. It's good to go out of your shell. Don't hesitate to ask for help, as nothing bad can come out of it. I don't really put my personal life on show in forums myself, so I empathise.
    First of all, not Pokéstick; it's Pokestick, as in the action of poking :3

    And I'm afraid a profile background image is a supporters-only feature.
    I think I'll PM you the code of my signature, to let you work things out yourself :D
    When you first go on the trainer card, it shows your badges. Tap the thing in the bottom left corner, and then tap the arrow in the middle of the bottom screen. Then tap the text block and scroll down!
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