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  • Heyo Gnx! Thank you so much for joining game but for some reason I've to postpone it. Sorry bae~~ I hope you will join next time when I post it again.
    hope you enjoy it! i probably won't get started on DC for awhile, this week's going to be really rough for me

    but i'll let you know what i think when i get to it :p
    oh {XD}

    and nah i haven't, let's see how far i get in a month's time ;)
    not particularly, but i would prefer if it wasn't something i've already seen
    Well, there's another season of Jormungand so you can watch that. If you still want more after just hit me up. Also, let me know if you got a recommendation for me :P
    oh okay, we can just do trial and error then :)

    have you seen Jormungand by any chance? it's an action and a slice of life pretty much
    Saw you viewing the big brother event, you should sign up :) Even as audience that'll still be fun!
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