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  • You're so lucky, being in high school and stuff.

    Well, its not that I don't have anything to do, I mean, I have friends and games and stuff. It's just that I like an online friend again, but its a lot more complicated than just that. -__-
    Yay you're alive :p and not gone completely (haven't seen you on skype and you didn't respond to some of my past VM/PMs...

    Well I had to leave Florida (no choice) either way not there anymore... I forgot school was about to start back... I have classes starting on Monday as well, but looking forward too it.

    Hopefully (Well if you want to anymore) you'll have time in the future to RP some more or at least chat some...

    and now for Chuck Norris playing whose that Pokemon:
    Y'know, I don't even know anymore. I'm so bored out of my mind that I don't even know what to do with my life anymore...
    Hiya I have successfully fled Florida and the rain... how are you holding up?

    BTW Picture!
    Yup. I kinda needed a little break from everything...I was tired of being hurt and all that...

    Oh...alright, I'll see about joining. User will most likely be White Moon.
    He is awesome! As is the whole movie :3

    I just love how he's mostly ickle and defenceless, but has so much powerrrrrrr.

    Okay babycakes. ;) I call my best friend babycakes, lol. Shh <3


    ..I wonder why I got on as well o.o! Strange, isn't it.. haha
    Candy you are very bad with timing! Shame shame shame gurl!

    yes babycaekz hahaha. I can give you other nicknames. Do you want honeysweetiebabycakepie? HUNNI BUNZ?~

    Peeking?! PEEKING?!

    I don't know why I'm on PC omg this never happens I swear no way
    what'd you mean 'rebels'? xD and don't worry, the friends I have can't be considered 'friends' either.. lol

    I see, I see.. I'll check it out later. Do they all have horns, though? lol My theme is Black Fog, an enormous Haunter from the manga series.. :B
    Hehe, 'allies' is such a weak word. xD 'Friends' maybe?

    Oh, interesting! What's it about? And who are these two? Can I have a link or something?
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