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  • This may sound completely strange to you, but I know other people who i contact with via text who are almost always capable of understanding my style of writing, despite the fact that I don't elaborate a lot.
    I have no idea how much elaboration will be enough. If I'm annoying you with my confusion, then you're correct in saying that I don't want to speak to you. I have no idea how to feel about this.
    It's surprisingly common for people to falsely assume my motives and goals. That's one of the reasons I'm so reluctant about giving too much information about myself. Keep that in mind if you ever start a discussion with me.
    I know. I clearly made a mistake there with my seemingly cryptic speech and reluctance to answer the question. I'm done with that thread and have successfully deleted the source of our "waste of time", as gimmepie described it. I notice that you are willing to chat despite the confusion I have caused. I had no further intention of discussing with you, but you're free to talk with me anytime if something's on your mind.
    True enough. People are always more inclined to listen to you if you sound smart and calm.
    RT has four podcasts, currently, I think, although I'm not up to date on all of them. But, basically every division of their company has their own podcast. The job itself also isn't great, but because it requires a maximum of 10 minutes of social interaction a day, it does allow me to just put my earbuds in and list to my ear budds, ya know?

    I like ONRaC too. I started listening to them after that switcheroo episode with Sawbones. I've been through an episode or 8, but they're currently low priority, because MBMBaM just keeps drawing me back in, haha
    I listen to most of the McElroy shows, and to a ton of others. Stuff You Should Now, Nerdist, NerdSync, Cox n' Crendor, Radiolab (and some more NPR stuff), and then basically all roosterteeth podcasts and some more that are affiliated with MaxFun. My job is very mindless, so it allows me to listen to a lot of podcast. I only need 50 more MBMBaM episodes before I've gone through all of those, that'll likely be next week, haha.
    What is the deal with you signing all of your posts? It's says right up on top who you are.
    Nah you weren't rude at all. I don't normally get involved in other people's problems but he did post about it in the advice thread. If I saw someone slandering a friend I'd say something about it too so no worries.
    Well I gave him the benefit of the doubt with my advice but I did feel awkward once he started to mention her username. I checked her profile here and she seems like a prominent and friendly member if it's any consolation. I don't know if I would have interjected at all if I didn't misunderstand his original post. I thought he was being bullied at school and harassed through social media at home but that was a mistake of my part. Regardless of who was telling the truth, once I realized it was all forum drama I didn't advise him to do much other than report the supposed perpetrators. I probably shouldn't be giving people advice anyway lol.
    Thanks man :) I'm afraid not haha, I found it randomly on the internet somewhere. Probably on tumblr or something :P
    Hey. I haven't been on for awhile and I've been meaning to thank you for your review of my short story I posted a few months back. College has been killing me. So yeah thanks! :D
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