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  • Hum I didn't realized how long I was gone lol
    Bt hey, you know I didn't disapeared! p still on Discord! It's true tho that I've been somewhat less active lately. It's summer, I am less online xD
    Sorry for the delay! I had a job interview and then I had to cook dinner. Let me know if you're still available. I'll hold onto your shinies for awhile if we can't hook up by the end of tonight.
    Oh wow I was surprised seeing your name in green. Then I realized it's not green, it's SMTeal. Haha looks good! But ngl orange was more "radiating" d:
    No i didnt, thanks for telling me, will re upload everything on another site and fix everything
    thank you fellow staff alex!

    and in response to your vm which i totally ignored (sorry lmao), nope. there used to be an admin there called razor leaf but that's a co-incidence. i've never held a staff position there. you'd be surprised how common a question that is, haha
    It's a humor video partly based on reality, but taken to a sarcastic extreme. It's also from something like 1986 and it aired on PBS.

    Since they re-did 35W, it's generally the better approach point than 394 for heading to some parts of downtown. Though Twins and Wolves games and anything on the west side of Downtown or in the North Loop still require 394.
    also like your profile pic, there's been many times where I've been the traffic off to the right of that shot.
    Thanks you for introducing me to pokeco, can you explain me the different sections of the ROM hacking part, please? I'm a little bit exhausted.

    Btw, how many time have you been ROM hacker?
    Didn't he do that in the original games? I could be wrong, but I could have sworn that he did. In Hero Mode do the enemies do more damage? And what do you get if you beat the game on that difficulty?
    Oooo that sounds challenging - LoZ games have always been pretty easy to me so this sounds like a good challenge! But if Tingle Tuner is removed, what purpose does Tingle/Tingle Island have in the game now?
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